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Thread: 'Are You Hot?' wasn't so hot

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    'Are You Hot?' wasn't so hot

    'Are You Hot?' wasn't so hot


    Hey, guess what? Tube watchers have good taste.

    No, I don't base the observation on anything we're all watching. Instead, the conclusion comes so easily because of something most of us chose not to watch.

    I'm referring to ABC's unscripted series "Are You Hot? The Search for America's Sexiest People," which was killed because of low ratings. The show already had been off the air for two weeks because of war coverage, so perhaps the few people who were watching this abomination have forgotten it anyway.

    Also canceled by ABC this week was "Profiles From the Front Line," the real-life military series from producer Jerry Bruckheimer that chronicled U.S. soldiers fighting in Afghanistan last year. That show's last broadcast was March 11.

    And missing but not declared dead is the unscripted ABC series "The Family." The show is off the air for now, but the network reports it will give the program a new chance this summer.

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    It happenned to have gotten the highest ratings of any show since Who wants to be a millionaire, but when they didn't show it when it was suppose to be on, and then did not have a viewer vote, I can definitely see where people lost interest. ABC blew it.

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