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Thread: Krisi from Oregon fans

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    Krisi from Oregon fans

    The judges were way off on Krisi. Had she said she was 24, they would have loved her. They wouldn't give her the benefit of the doubt because of her age.

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    I have to say I was shocked when I saw her last night.
    I have said this about so many people so far, but she looked soooooo much better than her publicity shot.

    I thought she was a very cute looking girl, don't know where the puppy fat one of the judges said she had is stored because she looks to have a great figure to me.

    I think you could well be right about the age issue.
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    i agree, thr judges were totally turned off when the found out her age, she is definatley a hottie

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    Well, I am glad our Oregon representative did well.
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