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Thread: Are You Hot? The search for....

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    Are You Hot? The search for....

    Well, I have been watching reality tv since it started, and at last I know where the bottom of the barrel is located. It's on ABC.

    This program should be subtitled "The Search for the Most Arrogant and Moronic People in America".

    And the premise is almost beyond comment simply because it is so utterly ridiculous. For one thing, it is supposedly an attempt to quantify something that is completely a matter of individual personal taste. What one person finds sexually appealing or aesthetically pleasing can never be based on any immutable, universal standard. You might as well do a show about trying to find the most appealing color. Everyone's opinion will be different.

    And as for opinions, it is truly embarassing to watch three very minor league celebrities attempt to pretend they are actually qualified to make such determinations, not to mention the meticulous splitting of fractions of a point in assigning value to "face", "body" and "sex appeal". These people are not Olympic skating judges who have to work from some codified rule or standards book... these are , in no particular order, a second rate clothing designer, an over the hill fashion model and a never-was tv "star". They are pulling their judgements straight out of a bodily oriface which is usually sat upon and their attempts to pretend otherwise are merely pathetic.

    Let's face it. The entire premise of this program is "let's see some skin". And it doesn't even measure up to a Hard R in terms of tittilation.

    Thankfully for ABC it will be a short series, so the crashing fall in ratings, now that the initial episode has aired and the "freak/curiosity" factor has been expended, won't be terribly crushing for them. Hopefully they will learn that reality tv has to have some human substance to it to succeed. People want to see "real people", not arrogant, ignorant, clueless airheads with an attitude. It's the foibles and sympatico with the participants on shows like Survivor, Batchelor and even Joe Millionaire that draw in viewers, not just bare flesh with no brain riding on it.

    To get any more superfluous than this waste of airtime, someone will have to take an ax to the flooring of the keg on which this program is resting. Yet somehow, in the endless chase for ratings, I get the feeling someone somewhere is already lifting the hatchet and bending over the rim as I type this.

    As Tiny Tim would say "God help us, every one."

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    Hi Marach!

    I completely agree. This show was a disgrace. Who are those three has-beens to tell people what is wrong with the way they look? Not only that, but their taste was abysmal. Lamas' "fault finder" laser pointer was the absolutely most disgusting and offensive thing I have ever, ever seen. I'm glad he's going through a horrible divorce, he's a horrible human being. Is he trying to emulate AI's Simon?

    Those poor people. That was horrible to watch. I felt so sorry for the people that were crying!

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    The show was definitely down right awful. How could three people judge on what is beautiful and sexy. It could have been a better show if it did not include humiliation and degradation. Of course, they could have titled it the search for the next model rather than getting people that had careers and buzzing them off the show so quickly. Most that advanced seemed to be in the early 20's. and stick thin and probably not in the field they were introduced as. The attorney was hot and so was the dentist. The crowd sure booed the judges for their selection. Those women were awfully thin and...... that could not have been the best of the Northeast.... i've seen better women at the malls.

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    I thought Chiann was extremely cute and talented, and I was bummed they got rid of her (the dentist who spoke 4 languages).

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