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Thread: Welcome to the "Are You Hot?" Forum

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    Welcome to the "Are You Hot?" Forum

    We've just created this forum for the new ABC show premiering next week called "Are You Hot?"

    A special note to contestants on this show...If you'd like to give us some "behind the scenes" info, or maybe you'd be up for an interview, then please e-mail kylie@fansofrealitytv.com - or if you're already registered, then PM KylieGrant.

    Kylie will be doing recaps, hopefully with someone else, but nothing's set in stone yet. We look forward to the show!

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    Hey everyone. Yes, I'd love to hear anything from anyone who was on the show! Any information, or an interview would be great.

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    Shadow Creature

    Looking forward to interviews

    I've been wanting to know what the winners thoughts were after winning and whether they're going to become models or not. I hope they're interviewed so we can know.

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