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Thread: ABC Seeks Sexiest Person in America

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    We watched about 10 minutes of this show, & it was DREADFUL! The judges were going out of their way to be rude, IMO. It's sooooo trying to copy off of American Idol, but fails miserably in every aspect. And viewers beware: there's another AI ripoff show coming soon called Nashville Star. On the commercials the judges are going out of their way & out of line to be rude. Pathetic. They are trying to be like Simon, but it doesn't work for them at all. There's only one Simon & they aren't it! NOT ORIGINAL!

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    Christine the Attorney

    Originally posted by davuud
    Christine is a sexy/beautiful. Attorney, how sexy is that. I could see her in a business suit everyday with something sexy on underneath everynight.
    I'm with davuud - Christine is the bomb!

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    Ok, we're all agreed: Minneapolis attorney Christine made us all want to get into the sort of trouble where you need a lawyer - bad. And the fact that she got cut very early on just points to one of the downsides of all these types of shows: when the one you want to see win gets axed you get disillusioned and are liable to say to yourself "what's the point anyway?" and stop watching.

    But what I actually got on here to say was that there's a fundamental flaw in the show equating girls in bikinis with guys who pump iron. I mean, nobody cares about Mr. Universe even one tenth as much as they do about Miss America. Hot guys (to girls at least) are guys who have status and command resources, not the ability to rip a phone book in half. Would Dr. Phil be the heart-throb of zillions of women who think he's very sexy if looks like the show rates highly mattered all that much?

    Just one of many ways they botched this royally IMO...

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