Howard Stern Drops 'Hot' Lawsuit Against ABC

Fri Aug 8, 9:26 PM ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Radio talk show host Howard Stern has dropped a lawsuit against TV network ABC and the producers of the reality series "Are You Hot?" which he had claimed was a rip-off of a running gag on his show.

Stern's attorneys filed the dismissal in Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 1, and the dismissal was entered by the court clerk as of Aug. 5, according to copies of the papers posted on legal Web site this week.

Stern's suit, first filed in March, claimed that ABC stole the idea for the show from "The Evaluators," a bit Stern does on his show where a panel of judges assesses a woman's looks.

To support his claim, Stern noted in his suit that the show's producers hired one of his former sidekicks, Jackie Martling, to work on the show.

ABC is a unit of Walt Disney Co.