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Thread: 11-29 Results Show

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    Re: 11-29 Results Show

    Interesting article on Vino! Thanks so much for posting this .
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    Re: 11-29 Results Show

    Quote Originally Posted by ibot2much View Post
    I am surprised that LA went so far astray with Vino. I expected better from him. I read an article about Janelle in a local paper. She was very upset with Demi making her do the Tina Turner song complete with dancers and the fringed costume...that was too similar to everything Tina did with the song. She said she fought her about it but she had no say.

    I didn't realize that the "mentors" were actually dictators..I just figured it was a give and take...
    Thanks. Good article. I think what he says goes for all the mentors. The singers have been pressured to sing something that does not resonate with them. Jenelle was the biggest travesty.

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    Re: 11-29 Results Show

    I noticed in the tv listing that the show is still on for two hours. With just 6 singers, that is really stretching it out. I remember that AI would be cut in time as the number of singers decreased. Interesting that a Fox show with worse ratings is given more time than AI is given by the same network.

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