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Thread: Finale Results *** SPOILERS ***

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    Re: Finale Results *** SPOILERS ***

    Quote Originally Posted by Babbred View Post
    I only started watching AI in Season 4. However, I've heard that Jennifer Hudson's season was packed with these types and that's one of the reasons she was booted off early; they were splitting the votes. Talk about having the last laugh.
    I personally think Jennifer Hudson was voted off based more on personality than there being too many Diva types. I know I found her annoying. There were the 3 as I recall, but they were all different styles. It's like Pia from last season, there was so much "outrage" when she was voted off, but these shows are not about who has the best voice or the most talent, they're about who the majority of the people who vote find appealing for whatever reason. You might listen to the same person years down the road and wonder what the heck you were thinking.
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    Re: Finale Results *** SPOILERS ***

    Quote Originally Posted by bee stung lips View Post
    Admittedly, it hit me in the gut...lol...but I got over it the moment I remembered Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. I hope Chris Rene finds the same level of success. Like someone else mentioned in an earlier thread / post, he just looks so comfortable out there, connecting wtih his audience etc. Like he's been at it for years. I hope for the best for Josh also. Although I do think he looked a little lost out there this week. Nerves maybe...either way, I hope he does well too.
    That was me. Admittedly, I FF thru Melanie's duet so I can't judge her. But Chris did far better than Josh on the first song. He totally owned that stage, looking comfortable, as if he were just chilling with an old friend of his (Lavigne). That's why I'm convinced he'll be ok post-X: the music industry would be fools not to snap up somebody that marketable.

    Merry Christmas, everybody!
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