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Thread: 12/8 Results Show ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: 12/8 Results Show ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by Debb70 View Post
    I wish Rachel well, but becoming a big star is not always such a great thing. Great child stars often suffer. And while I hope her and her family are able to get what they need financially, generally speaking, a boat load of money, often brings a boat load of troubles. Just saying.
    You are so right, Debb. The roads through Hollywood are littered with the carcasses of many child stars. And those children, unlike children on reality shows, have the benefit of being protected by actor's unions like SAG and laws that safeguard their earnings and ensure that set teachers look out for their best interests. And still they have troubles. I can't imagine what will become of the children on reality shows who have absolutely no laws protecting them.

    In the coming years, I think we are going to see some terrible fallout from allowing children to participate in any reality show. We are already seeing how the scripted and contrived story lines that are written to create faux reality have contributed to the breakup of families and even suicide among participants. It may get very sad and ugly.
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    Re: 12/8 Results Show ***SPOILERS***

    There are also rumors that Rachel has also been contacted by Nickelodeon. I'm happy for her, but I too hope that she is able to avoid the troubles that are so common with child stars.
    Unfortunately, the list of child stars with problems is probably bigger than the list of child stars who stayed normal/grounded.
    It looks like Rachel will be getting the bigger house with a 2nd bathroom for her family just like she hoped

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    Re: 12/8 Results Show ***SPOILERS***

    Of course Rachel should have a house large enough to accomodate her family, but I really hope the whole thing doesn't overwhelm her. Have you heard the saying that when you try to ride a tiger, it may swallow you up? I fear that for her and any child super star.

    Rachel was on Live with Kelly this morning. SHe was very upbeat and said great things were coming her way. She was giddy with excitement. She said she wants to be huge! Bigger than Justin Beiber even! Maybe she can talk with Justin and see that it's not always greener on the other side.

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