I fell instantly for Chris Rene he is not everyones cup of tea but there is something so special about him to me, he commands your attention, I also love Drew she is again unique and 14 yrs old and I am from Arizona so if she won I would be happy, I agree with someone else who said this isn't about just the best voice but the best overall pkg, I think Melanie Amaro has a beautiful voice the question is will that be enough to win? American Idol show has had a few winners who have become lasting in the recording industry but a few have lost contracts due to bad sales so that is going to be the big question and how will they do in the live shows coming up that can make or break a singer.

Overall I have loved the Xfactor look forward to Tuesday live shows.

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Chris the former addict up now. Doing a rap version of "Everyday People." Loving it. Most memorable guy so far.

Melanie now. They're saving the best for last. Finally, a girl who can sing! She was terrific.

That was the last of the contestants. Judges' results next.

Oh, crud. They just ran a commercial that made it appear as if the results will be announced next week. That would make sense, since they'll want to draw it out a la Idol to milk it for all the drama possible.
However, is anybody else tired of this by now?

Just endless scenes of the judges agonizing so yep, looks like we have to wait until next week. Rats.

The first show will be on Tuesday, but what about Wed? Fox is also showing the World Series, so when are they going to show the other Factor?