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Thread: Work of Art II 10/26 episode

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    Work of Art II 10/26 episode

    I thought I'd start this thread. I don't have a lot to say about this episode though as I was very unimpressed with most of the work. I don't remember a single art piece that really spoke to me. It wasn't surprising which 2 went home either, but it could have easily been several others.

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    Re: Work of Art II 10/26 episode

    I'm just happy that Dusty survived. I related to his work the most, though he could have used ketchup runs, dirt and grease dripping down the sides to make his point stronger.

    I think the Prop 8 piece won because of the use of color and relevance and how it would look in a magazine. They could also use a mimicked back of the piece for customer comments - but I don't think they did.

    Leon had some good work previously and I know where he was going, but he just didn't get there.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this episode and it looks like next week we get the "children" challenge. Those are always fun.
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