China Chow - Host & Judge

China Chow was first introduced to the art world by her parents, restaurateur and art connoisseur Michael Chow and style icon Tina Chow. Born in London, Chow moved to New York at age five. As her father’s restaurant, Mr. Chow, became a mecca to the art world that ruled Manhattan in the eighties, China was fortunate enough to grow up around some of the most prominent artists of the time, including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel and Francesco Clemente.

Chow has fond memories of learning to draw elephants with their family friend, renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Having spent most of her Saturdays at museums with her parents, it was inevitable that she would become an avid art enthusiast. “Art is one of the most authentic ways for a person to express themselves,” Chow believes. “Clothing has to be functional, food has to taste good – but art is the purest form of expression, existing without set boundaries.”

As the host and judge of Bravo’s new creative competition series, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, Chow will serve as the perfect tour guide through the often foreign-seeming art world. Her irrepressible passion for art and tremendous appreciation for beauty is contagious as she works to access the talents of aspiring artist throughout the course of the series.

Chow’s acting debut was alongside Mark Walberg on the 1998 action-comedy The Big Hit. She has also starred in the 2001 film Head Over Heels, as well as on hit television series including Burn Notice and That ’70s Show.

After earning a psychology degree from Scripps College, Chow spent several years successfully working as a model for Shiseido cosmetics, Tommy Hilfiger, the GAP, and Lane Crawford. As one of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue’s “Best Dressed Women in the World,” she is routinely found splashed across the pages of fashion magazines.

Chow currently resides in Los Angeles.