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Thread: CBS Dumps "The Will"

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    Hey, isn't Scottsdale, AZ where all of those crazy people from Paradise Hotel were from?

    YES! And I love anyone who knows that!!!!

    On another note, The Will was horrible, so of course I watched it. I completely agree that any shows on Saturday nights don't even have a chance (Friday's are also not so good.)

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    I would think that CBS will eventually allow "The Will" to see the light of day, especiall since it just aired the one episode.

    There are several way CBS can go...

    (1) rerun the entire series (10 episodes, I believe) during the Summer months, when expectations are lower anyway. Networks have long used the Summer as a dumping ground for their unwanted series.

    (2) allow a "sister company" (i.e. one owned by CBS owner Viacom) to air the series. Since it has already produced two "Joe Schmo" seasons, Spike TV, would seem like a natural home.

    (3) dump it on one of the two reality focused networks that are going to launch soon (one if from the folks at Fox).

    Basically, CBS has already paid the bill for the series. Producers have been paid, editors have been paid, etc. The only way CBS can hope to regain any of their money is to air it, so the odds of it making it back are good.

    (Also, since Fox is placing un-aired episodes of "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" and "Playing It Straight" on Fox.com, perhaps CBS will be inclined to follow suit?)

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    Spike would be a perfect fit . They could also play it over and over as they did with Schmo. It even has all the implants that network could want to boot. We should probably watch their website.

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