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Thread: CBS' The Will is vile, hateful and venomous

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    CBS' The Will is vile, hateful and venomous

    That's exactly why I watch it!
    What's the fun of reality tv without the backstabbing?

    And how dare he insult Big Brother! And even worse, how dare you insult The Amazing Race!
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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    In the end, they are all losers, and so is anyone who finds this remotely engaging.
    Crap. I'm a loser.

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    It's bad humanity, and you shouldn't watch.
    Isn't the definition of 'bad humanity' reality tv?

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    The problem isn't the concept of this show, it is the pathetic, immoral morons who have been chosen to appear.

    This Penny woman is just one deluded wackjob.

    I think the real problem people have with this show is that the people involved will all still have to deal with each other long after people have forgotton about this show.

    You could be a jerk to a fellow contestant on say Surivor or The Apprentice. But at some point you don;t ever have to deal with these people again. But on this show the repercussions will be felt for years within this family.

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