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Thread: Ashley

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    The Stepson
    Age 24
    Bills fourth wife Pennys son. Former child actor that played Blake Carringtons son on Dynasty.

    Ashleys pre-show video
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    Has been rebelling all of his life thanks to being saddled with the name Ashley. I am guessing one of the rooms in his home is filled with UV lights.
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    Luvin the shirt, duuude.
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    Poor kid. He doesn't stand a chance of ever being a real man, having been raised by a woman as wickedly controlling as Penny.

    He's cute though. Too bad he's spineless.

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    I was like, WTF is up with his hair as soon as he stepped out the limo.

    Ok, man... But hey, I guess if you can get beautiful girls like Kristen, something's gotta be working!

    That's interesting he was a child actor! I looked him up, and he has a lot of Dynasty appearances.

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    Ashley definitely has the smallest implants. She's also pretty ugly in the face.

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    What a piece of navel lint this "guy" is.

    Well, at least he SORT of knows and acknowledges what a piece of work his Mom is. Assuming he isn't using his Dynasty-level-acting on all of us...
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    When you start picking the wicked witch of the west over your girlfriend you know you are doomed.

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    Although I was never a fan of "Dynasty" (for starters, it ended when I was 10), so I can't comment on Ashley's acting abilities, but he probably wasn't used very much.

    For starters, he was a grandson of the series main character, which made him rather un-important to the storylines. Add that to the fact that he most likely was 8 or 9 when ABC mercifully put "Dynasty" out of its misery and canceled it; Ashley was most likely window dressing. (Since his bio states he is 24, that means Ashley was most likely born in 1980, making him roughly 9 when "Dynasty" went off the air in spring 1989.)

    If truth be known, Ashley's dialogue during his entire run on "Dynasty" would probably not even fill a single piece of paper.

    At least now we know where producers got the inspiration to create the character of Alexis on "Dynasty". Penny probably served as the unknowing inspiration for one of television's larger-than-life "bitch" characters.

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    Ashley's Dad. He's been a pretty sucessful writer over the years. At 24 there is no reason why he needs to be in the same city as this woman.

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