C4 and RDF has announced there will be a change in the format to the next UK series of Wife Swap - so it's only a matter of time until ABC at least experiment with the new format.

Instead of complete strangers swapping wives, the swaps will involve friends, relatives and neighbours.

So instead of the usual format of the rich/poor, strict/relaxed, hard-working/lazy wives switching places, the next series of Wife Swap will focus more on people who know each other trying to sort out problems by trading roles - such as chauvinistic brother-in-laws, the neighbours wild kids and in some cases, just trading places with someone you really don't like.

Sounds quite promising, especially as the swaps had become quite predictable. One of the most famous UK editions featured two brothers - who lived completly different lives hundreds of miles apart - swapping their wives, with the swap collapsing after just a few days.

Full article: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds21465.html