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Thread: Boss Swap show 3/7/05 **show discussion spoiler**

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    Lynne, they did mention Kari and Lori being sisters, at the beginning.
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    Oops, sorry. I forgot that I missed the first six or seven minutes of the show.

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    Stuart is totally NOT my style. The gambling, the de facto discrimination, the sex talk on the job is nothing right. But he made some smart changes, although I'd ditch the timeclock and the cameras. I totally agree that competition is essential to a good sale environment. It doesn't have to be jerky, but it should at least challenge everyone to be doing their best.

    Whatshername was cool, but she had issues with gaining respect. Plus she obviously didn't have any real lasting contributions to the auto dealer, but her business benefited quite a bit.
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    I missed the first 20 minutes. Did they ever say what they actually sell at Caden Concepts?

    karen14 you are right, Stuart looks way too much like the former Mr. Darva Conger.

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    caden concepts sells promotions... I think I'm phrasing that right. If you own a company and want to do a give-away deal they will provide "stuff" for you to give away with your company name and or logo on it. Everything from pens and pencils to macaroni in the shape of your logo. Whod'a'thunk there was big bucks in that? Not me

    Also, I think that the guy thought she had put up flower wall paper of something as he made a comment about the "flowers being off the wall by the time I get there".

    One thing that bugged me is that they made no sales... were people coming in at all? The boss guy made a sale or two minutes after returning... I just don't get it, it's not like she changed how they should do business

    The motivational speaker was a JOKE! I couldn't believe him... I need to bill myself as a motivational speaker. If he could make money, I sure as heck could too
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    karen14, you cracked me up so much while I was reading this thread! Love your humor!

    As for the show... Every place of employment has it's distinct differences.. I know I wouldn't apply to work for Rick Rockwell, the prick with a walking time clock and enough testosterone to choke a horse.
    BUT.. If I could find an employee who is as laid back as Caden Concepts.. HEAVEN!

    Anyway..my point is.. I wouldn't apply to a used car sales job and expect back rubs, and I wouldn't apply to a internet company and expect a rigid time schedule.

    The concept of this show is alright, but the execution was "meh". DOWNGRADE!
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    Just catching up - thank you for pointing out the Rick Rockwell likeness, I kept thinking it was Eugene Levy!

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    I also thought Stu resembled the hair salon owner Jonathan on BLOW OUT(?)

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    I don't think they made any sales while she was there because it was raining the entire time (or at least it was wet on the ground). I don't think a lot of people going shopping for cars. Just a thought.

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    What disgusting sexist pigs on this show. The male boss said he learned something, but I didn't see that he hired any female sales help afterwards, or changed a thing for that matter.

    And the chick boss was sexist too with her "pretty girl discount" line. Do they not know about discrimination in hiring?

    Another illegal thing her company is doing is to call their emplyees "independent contractors" and then make them punch a time clock. These people are clueless (and their web site bragging about how "smart" they are is full of spelling and punctuation mistakes), yet they seem to make a ton of money. Life isn't fair.

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