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Thread: 3/2 recap: "When Philosophies Attack"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone
    You're right, that is interesting. I thought the families had to apply to be on the show.
    well, as we're finding out from other shows, that's not necessarily completely true. people on big brother and survivor have revealed that they were approached .. some of them were from modeling agencies. go figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    I could have taken notes on his logic, but I don’t really care – my take on religion is that you leave people alone about it. If they’re in a bona fide cult, you can laugh at them (and then run away), but otherwise you live and let live.

    Dan decides to rebel by cleaning, in an effort to show Cheri that an egalitarian sharing of housework is better than her “woman’s place is in the kitchen” mindset. In the one actual “I talk and you listen, then you talk and I listen” conversation Dan and Cheri have, he explains that it isn’t that he doesn’t respect Cheri’s choices, but he doesn’t like that she doesn’t see that her choices might not work for other women.
    Totally agree with you on the religion tip and Dan's most profound remarks! Bravo on the recap
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    I'm late to the party, but I wanted to say fabulous-o recap miss Lucy! Very funny and your perspective on the families was hilarious.
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