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Thread: 2/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    This is Doreen, from Wife Swap and I am reading this. Do you people realize this it reality TV, for entertainment purposes only with a lot of editing. I do not just lay on my fat a*** once I get home from work, I cook 2 or 3 times a week and my husband cooks a couple of times also, we also go out or have a leftover meal during the week. In my house everyone works. My boys have choirs they do during the week. I do a general cleaning on my house EVERY SUNDAY because my boys do not clean like I want my house to be clean, so I get off my fat lazy a*** and do it like I want it to be clean, my husband does not clean at all. My husband does the laundry and the grocery shopping, he does not let do the laundry because he wants it done a certain way. I do not do the grocery shopping because I am an impulse shopper, he has a budget and I usually do not stick to it. My youngest son runs errands for me yes, it is his job and he gets paid $20.00 + his allowance a week to do this for me. Yes, I work so my sons can have a good life and these are my sons I had with a Black man. I was a single mom doing everything clean, cooking grocery shopping, laundry and spending quality time with both my boys when they were young like LaShelle and Eric's kids, but my children are older, what 17 year old male wants to send time with his parents. My husband tells me I need to let my boys be boys and stop babying them, my 17 year old will not let me baby him anymore, but my 12 year old and I still do things together, but he is wanting to be with his friends more now also. We do spend time with each other as a family, we go out to movies, out to dinner, we play board game. Doing these things together did not come about just because LaShelle bought it up to us. My husband and I are a team, he wears the pants and I wear the panty's. We love and respect each other, and he is not a SLAVE to me, I do things for him and he does things for me, we are equals. Yes, I am loud, and I say what I mean, I get that from my mother who was a strong woman and a QUEEN in her house like I am in my house, but like I tell my husband he is my KING and my sons are my prince's so if that is wrong OH WELL. Both my sons know how to treat people and the are very respectful to everyone and they learned that from their mother. One other thing, sometimes after I have worked an 8 or 9 hour day (which I do not just sit in front of a computer all day, I am on my feet most of the day) I do come home and get into my bed. I broke my ankle in 3 spots and have had 3 surgeries so sometimes my ankle hurts and I need to get off of it. But this does not happen 7 days a week.

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    Here, here... I totally agree with you and glad you took the time to clear some things up! Cheers all around!!!!!
    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~Anais Nin

    "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr

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    Um.. this board is called "Fans of REALITY TV" so yes I think we "people" get it. We also understand there is a lot of editing, but for criminy sakes.. do not sign up to be on a reality TV show and then get upset when you don't like the impression we got of you because of what we saw in the show. Don't get me wrong, it's good to have the chance to hear your side of the story and I'm glad you came on to tell us more, we recognize that there is more to it than what the producers choose to show us. Still, the purpose for this board is for we "fans of reality TV" to discuss what we saw, and you're the one who put yourself and your family out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doe7267
    Yes, I am loud, and I say what I mean, I get that from my mother who was a strong woman and a QUEEN in her house like I am in my house, but like I tell my husband he is my KING and my sons are my prince's so if that is wrong OH WELL.
    And your 'loudness' and self described Queen title is what people have issue with. You (or the real Doreen) want to be the center of attention and apparently think you deserve it for whatever reason?? Get over yourself!! And we are aware this is an edited show but we can only comment on what we're given.. since you are a 'strong' woman, I'm sure it doesn't bother you what others think.

    You 'tell' your husband he is a king and your boys prince's but your actions (on the show anyway) sure as heck didn't show that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    You (or the real Doreen)
    Good point karen14. How do we know if anybody is really who they say they are?
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    This is the REAL DOREEN

    You are right they did not show me saying Guy is my King, but It was said, it just was not put into last night show, kike a lot of other things were not put into the show. Right now my whole family and friends are laughing out loud. We knew what they were going for: the wife who does nothing against the wife who does everything. But our family and friends know us. The bottom line is good or bad, we don't know the rest of America, so we don't care. We're secure in who we are as a family. The only thing I do regret saying is the statement about black men. My sons Marques and Rashad are black men. I have one brother who pass away and an a younger brother who are and were very good men. I just had a couple of very bad experience with a some men.

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    If she is NOT Doreen, she's doing a good job of convincing me.

    So, Doe, going on the assumption that you really are Doreen, I'd like to ask you some questions.

    How did it feel to see yourself on national TV? Did it bother you? Were you appalled at anything -- how you looked, sounded, whatever? I'm interested to know because my cousin once videotaped me talking and showing and explaining something I had bought. When I saw the tape ! In retrospect, there was nothing wrong with it except I couldn't believe that is what I really look like, sound like, mannerisms, etc. I went into a blue funk for several days. Yuck! So, how did you like seeing yourself? How about the rest of the family, what did they think of themselves? From my perspective, Doe/Doreen, you were way too LOUD. Ow! Hurts my ears, jangles my nerves.

    Why did you explode when LaShelle said you treated your son like a slave? Why not just sit back and say, "Slave? How do you get "slave"? He's paid to do the job, and if he doesn't want to do it, he doesn't have to." What was it about that that was such a trigger?

    I gotta admit, I really did NOT like either you or your husband for about the first half of the program. But, I appreciated that you said that Eric was a good man, and how you responded to him when he made the effort to follow your rules. I liked the way you became fond of the girls. I thought Guy was acting like a grade-schooler with his refusal to allow LaShelle to join in the basketball game. :rolleyes I have to give him credit though for apologizing to her and for being willing (eventually) to resolve their differences.

    As for the other side, I really thought Eric did need the wake-up call at how much LaShelle was doing while he was just sitting, and I was glad to see that he seemed to get it. I don't have much to criticize about LaShelle (except that she had trouble expressing exactly what she meant), but I do think that she has chosen to limit her life. She got married right out of HS apparently. The VO said she likes being with her family so much that she homeschools the kids so they won't be apart. Nothing wrong with that so far, but I think there are signs that her experiences are limited. However, she doesn't seem stupid, so hopefully she will take opportunities to expand their horizons. A lot of girls the age of her kids don't aspire to much more than WHATEVER their own mom does. I hope they get the opportunity to see what else is out there.

    I think this show reveals people's prejudices, biases, etc. Some of the episodes, the people never get it. Overall, I was left feeling more positively about all the people in this episode than any other (as far as I remember, anyway).

    Another question for Doe/Doreen: Did you watch the episode with the conservative, Texan interacial couple swapping with the liberal lesbian couple from Arizona? What did you think? That one still gives me the willies, and I'm not even a lesbian!

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    Whatever queen wify... eating your meals in bed on a regular basis is sick and stupid( you could choke)
    but you would probably have your husband choke for you....
    Your ankle hurts? I know, perhaps you should sit down uh..in a chair.

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    Doe7267, I'm glad to see that you're on the Fort!
    It's a reality show, that's edited..we know this. I'm going to say what I was originally going to say before I saw that you were on here. Since you chose to be on the show, you're just going to have to take it or leave it.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~``

    Doreen, it seemed to me that you take the "queen" agenda a bit too far. Honestly, to eat dinner in bed, without your family is really odd. To say the least. You're SO TIRED that you have to come home and go directly to bed?? Oy vay. Hopefully you saw yourself on this show and were embarrassed, if that is truly what you do.

    "I hate children"...you said it so many times, there's no other way that your statements can be taken. That's pretty awful, especially since you gave birth to two of them. The fact that you AND your husband like the fact that there are gadgets in the boy's rooms to help "keep them out of your hair"...further cements the "I hate kids" statement.
    What I thought by the end of the show was.. you were really enjoying the girls and seemed to really revel in the idea of empowering these impressionable children into knowing that they CAN be anything that they want to be. Which, in my opinion is dead-on correct.
    Perhaps the fact that you gave birth to only boys and no girls furthered your 'hate' for children. Girls are entirely different than boys...they don't like to be "Moma's boys" and they certainly don't have the issues (or gender challenges) that girls have. It seemed to ME while watching the show, that you really LOVED taking these impressionable minds and instilling a honest to goodness, well intended set of beliefs... Is this what you're missing??
    Sure, boys need guidance as well, but IMO...it's different. They're somewhat already empowered, but with little girls..they need encouragement and gentle prodding.
    I dunno if I'm right in my one-hour-edited-reality-show observance... but I thought that if you had any daughters, that your whole outlook on kids might be different.

    In regards to your family... I don't think they mind being away from you at all. You seemed to come across as a bitch. Being LOUD doesn't constitute being a bitch IMO, only being a bitch does that. I, personally, would hunker down in my room too if all I heard was your raging outbursts. Keep my sanity at least. Food for thought. :rolleyes

    In regards to your husband. He begrudgingly said he was sorry to the other mother, it (IMO) wasn't sincere. As you saw yourself, he was a total PRICK. LaShelle may have said the wrong things, or better yet...used the wrong TERMINOLOGY to get her point across, but in no way, shape, or form was your husband justified in being an immature, self important troll.
    The neighbor was even hanging around while the basketball hoop was being used. Probably in SHOCK that there was even a family that lived in the house that interacted...let alone, OUTSIDE!

    In the end, I somehow found a "reason" for your Queen attitude (correct or not), and totally despised your jackass husband.

    Hopefully there was something learned from being on the show and it helped in areas that your family needed it most.
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    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    I don't think I said she was unfit to have kids. I believe I said to only get a high school education and then have 5 kids before the age of 27 is mental or retarded. I will go a step further now, it is also irresponsible. How do they afford all of those kids?

    The disparity between my two comments concerning "accidents happen" and "she chose to have kids" is easily explanable. Doreen said she didn't like kids so I doubt that she did it on purpose. LaShelle loves children so she probably had hers on purpose.

    I don't necessarily think that all housewives are stupid or lazy. Some treat their responsibilities like an actual job. They keep immaculate houses, they care for their families, some homeschool - not just "home," and, yes, some do important volunteer work. What chaps my hide is the ones who don't treat it like a job. They expect their husbands to carry the full economic burden and then they expect help doing their part. And, yes, it is comparable to a job outside the home and in that situation the husband is the boss. Or, maybe you would prefer the "traditional" moniker - head of the household.

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