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Thread: 2/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by POD
    And there's nothing wrong with growing up and becoming a mom and housewife, but the fact that those girls weren't taught that they can go to college and have a career is pathetic and backward.
    I think it's sad and horrible that a lot of kids are growing up neglected and have lots of problems because their mother thinks money and work are more important than seeing to it that her kids are properly parented and have their needs taken care of.

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    I think POD's point is more about teaching the girls that they have choices; the girls didn't realize that being a housewife isn't the only thing they could do. It's not so much foisting them into working, but letting them choose their own destiny on an informed basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleyd
    Ok- I will give that she shouldn't have had kids but some people don't believe in abortion and accidents happen.
    You'll "give", as in your agreeing with someone other than yourself in that regard?

    I missed the answer, if you provided one, for exactly why you believe she's unworthy of having children. Or was having a high school education, being mental and/or retarded the primary justification?

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    I'm shocked at the poster who hates housewives and thinks they're retarded and lazy. There are many intelligent hardworking housewives out there and there's no reason to hate them. Not only do they take care of their own children, but they are often the backbone in the volunteer world, doing the jobs that wouldn't get done if they weren't around. Just because someone doesn't get paid for their work doesn't mean their work isn't valuable.

    Yes, she chose to have five children, and she's taking care of them. Would it be better to give them to someone else to take care of?

    As for having a messy house, have you ever been in a house with five rambunctious children? You clean up a room and ten minutes later while your back is turned several small cyclones hit.

    LaShelle looked like she worked hard. Comparing her job to one where you have a boss and a paycheck is ridiculous. Just because one person earns the money doesn't mean he can be the boss and make demands.

    I didn't agree with everything about LaShelle. She certainly has neglected to teach her daughters to prepare for anything other than finding a husband and that was heartbreaking that the girls didn't have their own dreams, and she shortchanged herself in asking for help. But she is a hardworking, caring woman who enjoys taking care of others. There is nothing wrong with that.

    I was not impressed with her husband. Why couldn't he have watched the kids while Doreen went grocery shopping? Homemaking is a job that doesn't stop at five oclock. He could have come home and helped her out with stuff so they could both relax later.

    And Doreen was just like him. According to this episode black people are lazy and expect people to wait on them. I don't believe it, but it appears to be so.

    And I couldn't stand Doreen's husband. Instead of being grateful for a break he treated LaShelle like crap. Does he like being bossed around? Out of everyone I hated him the most because unlike the others he wasn't upfront about who he was and it came as a surprise when he turned out to be so mean. All she wanted him to do was spend time with his sons and he acted like it was a crime.

    I did get a kick out of Doreen making LaShelle's husband do everything. It didn't help her, but it showed him all the work that LaShelle does.

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    Doreen portrayed herself as an absolute pig! She came home every night after work, crawled into bed and watched TV all night while her husband and children fended for themselves and waited on her needs besides? What is that!??!?

    And Doreen's husband was awfully sensitive to the insinuation that he wasn't being the man of the house because ... well, because he isn't and he knows it. I'll bet he's embarrassed now that the whole world knows how his wife treats him like a SLAVE!

    And Doreen could point the finger at the dirt she found and claim she has such high cleanliness standards, but you sure didn't see HER doing any housework in the beginning of the show. That woman made me absolutely sick! Doreen, if you're reading this, get off your fat lazy a** and pull your weight around the house. News flash for you ... you're not a princess, you're not royalty, you're not disabled, so get your own dang wine!

    It was interesting in the end when the 4 adults encountered each other that everyone had something to contribute as far as what they'd learned from doing the show and how they would try to improve themselves except for the homeschooling mom (unless I missed it -- there were a lot of interruptions in my house by the end of the show). She apparently learned nothing from that family (which I can totally understand) except how NOT to raise a family. Kudos to her for removing the TV's, etc. I hope those boys realize that there is more to life than watching someone else live it.

    All in all, a very sad show to watch. Hard to believe there are people who actually live like that. I was stunned. The psychological damage to those boys will be hard to un-do. Their self-esteem and self-worth has been squished by their own mother. How can she expect her sons to grow up and be kind, loving, successful adults when she has made it abundantly clear to them that they are so uninteresting, so unwanted, and so unloved that they don't even warrant more than a few minutes of her attention a day? She's sick! I hope this show opened her eyes. She needs a lot of help, and so do her sons. The home schooling mom was correct; that is a family on the verge of disintegration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleyd
    (Regarding Doreen)
    Ok- I will give that she shouldn't have had kids but some people don't believe in abortion and accidents happen.
    Quote Originally Posted by ashleyd
    (Regarding LaShelle)
    She choose to be a housewife and she chose to have 5 kids. I would be fired from my real job if I performed so poorly.
    So, which one is it? Do women choose to have children, or do accidents happen? Or maybe only retarded housewives have the facility to choose to have children, while accidents happen to hard-working and smart women like Doreen.
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    I personally thought that LaShelle's children were very cute and sweet kids. But they are kids, and they are going to make messes everywhere, hence the house never being finished.

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    I must agree with the others posters on "Housewives". I am one, myself.....by choice. I "do" work part time from home because "I can" and I make good money doing it. But it IS NOT a requirement of being a woman to be a housewife.....that is something that Lashell seriously needed to get through to her daughters. I do feel that having a Mom at home parenting the children is the ideal, but it's not always possible or even best for the Mom. It's a personal decision, and each woman should have the ability to make that decision......

    My point about Doreen wasn't that she was a bad Mom for not being a housewife "at home" with her kids....it was that she chose to work full time, which is fine; but WHEN THE HECK was she being a PARENT???? Who comes home and goes their FAT BUTT to bed and EATS all night while drinking WINE to drown out their kids???!!!! Good Gosh, that woman made me sick!!!

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    Both sets of parents had a lot of learning to do. It was interesting to me how much LaShelle complained about how lazy Doreen was when in fact her husband appeared to do the same thing?! I have no problem whatsoever with a woman, or a man, choosing to stay at home and raise their children I do however have a problem with them stating it's the only way to raise children. That simply is not correct. I experienced my mother as both a stay-at-home mom and a working mother and personally I liked it better when she worked. Some personalities don't fit the "LaShelle lifestyle" and they can still do a great job raising a family...I'm proof of that.

    As far as the 'slave' statement, I probably wouldn't have reacted as defensive as Doreen but I understand...both sides. I don't think LaShelle was trying to be offensive but it still came off as an insult. Just because you didn't intend for it to hurt doesn't mean it won't. Furthermore, I used to get things for my mother as a child to while she was in bed, and I'd still do it today, and neither of us would consider this a 'slave' like action at all.

    In the end I think both sets of parents learned something valuable and to me that's the best part of the show!
    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~Anais Nin

    "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr

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    It's almost enough to make me sign up for the show!

    I am a mother of four who homeschools my kids.This show is pissing me off that all the homeschooling families they show seem to feed the myth that it is bad for kids! I told hubby last night we should sign up just to show how well adjusted we are, (LOL) and he of course said NO WAY! Of course, they could find all things to edit to make us look bad, too! My house is not spotless, we don't eat gourmet well balanced meals all the time, we sleep in as long as we want (I have an 8 month old baby who still wakes up in the night) I am so happy I don't have to be anywhere in the morning at a specific time. It is less stressful for our family.

    I have a master's degree in education and taught in public and private schools for 5 years. Now I am directing my energy towards educating my own children. We have a network of friends and activities that keep us active and involved. Our public school system sucks(my kids went there actually for two years), and we can't afford private because we are a one income family.

    My kids are not sheltered or backwards. They are far ahead of most of their grade level friends. They are exposed actually to more varieties of setting than kids stuck in a classroom all day with only kids their age and roughly socioeconomic and racial make up. There are very few truly diverse schools, and believe me, the kids I taught at private school that were only exposed to a life of privelege are far less socialized than my kids. I challenge anyone here to describe a "real life" setting where you are only with people your own age, race, and economic level. As soon as you leave school and get a job, you need the ability to relate across age, race and other levels. In that way, school is a false sense of what society is. Also, in school, days are mapped out ad infinitum, and socialization only takes place when dictated by the administration. How is that like real life? My kids are only 7, but they are able to organize their day and time to make the most of it, and don't have to be told what to do and when to do it. They are responsible for themselves and I am there to direct and offer opportunities. I want them to be prepared for the real world, where they will be able to deal with people and get a job or run a house based on their own abilities, and not be little drones.

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