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Thread: 2/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I started this show last night with a sense of deja vu from Trading Spouses from Monday. I mean, what are the odds of two such "different'" shows having traveling moms the same week? LOL
    Anyway...to our funeral family first. Yes, the dad did seem to be detached from participating in his family, but outsiders would probably say the same thing about my husband's job in the military. The important thing is if he is trying (as my husband does) to be an active participant with his wife and children when he does get to be at home. It did appear at the end that he was trying much harder, and if he is that busy, maybe he can get someone to handle details after hours for him. All in all, this family seemed very balanced and happy. I know that my own children would love for their dad to be able to be home more often, but we focus on making the most of the time he has rather than the time we are missing.
    The bus family....oh my goodness! I've seen a lot of discussion about abuse on this site but this dad is ranking as the tops for emotional abuse of his children....right up there with Miss Mia which is saying A LOT! Every parent out there knows that there are times when we want to do our "own thing" but not at the expense of your children. If you can't grow up and look beyond your own needs why get married, and why the heck bring children into your selfish life? And the mother is enabling him to control his girls without a thought for their feelings. While spouses should support each other, they should never allow their spouse to abuse the children on any level, and emotional abuse, or making a child feel unworthy to express themselves, is one of the most loathsome forms of abuse, IMO.
    My teenagers watched this episode with me last night, and I get to write my hubby and tell him we have officially been named "good parents." God I love reality TV...my kids don't think I'm so weird now! LOL

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    My first question is how does the bus family make a living once the savings is gone? What do they retire on since Andre has an aversion to work? Why isn't the school system knocking on the bus door regarding the girl's education?? How can one person look at himself on tv and not see what a sick, selfish individual he is?
    I am often amazed at these people and their small minds and huge egos. I really thought that Lynn was going to insist on some changes but what a wimp. Shame on her for having children if she can't stand up for them or herself. Maybe Andre could tell me why he thinks he is right?
    Don't you think the better plan would be to work the nine school months of the year and take the summer to travel. That way maybe your girls could have a normal life and you could have money for your "hobby"? Can you get welfare if you live on a bus??? Will we end up paying for this man's lifestyle??

    Can you tell I'm just alittle angry at this family???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Andre is the biggest butt-pie I've ever seen! His daughter wants to have friends and family, but he says she can't have both. "I'm not changing my life for a 12-year old."
    That really got me. "Changing your life for an X-year old" is the ESSENCE of being a parent! He doesn't seem to understand the difference between letting kids rule the roost (bad) and arranging family life for the kids' benefit (good).

    What a jerk.

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    Michelle is from a town just close to an hour from here. She was on the news after the show....I liked her...she cracked me up! I thought the Bus Dad totaly had issues! How sad it is that he's destroying any semblence of a "normal life" for those poor girls just because of his mental problem. Kudos to Michelle for telling him like it is and not holding back!

    Though I may be much more of a neat knick, Michelle was fun to watch in this episode...plus, it didn't look as if her house was "nasty" or anything.

    As for Lynn.....she needs to lay down the law with her hubby and force him to live in the "real world". And I also was thinking "have you checked your own health lately?" while she was reading off the amount of sugar and fat in the boys' snacks....they were obviously healthy and in shape....so let em eat what they want...

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxhill
    That really got me. "Changing your life for an X-year old" is the ESSENCE of being a parent! He doesn't seem to understand the difference between letting kids rule the roost (bad) and arranging family life for the kids' benefit (good).

    What a jerk.

    The youngest daughter finds out she is behind in school and nothing more is mentioned about it. I wonder if the bus parents are certified home schoolers, or at least appreciate the value of a real curriculum? I think the father was using sex and violence in schools as an excuse to continue his road trip.

    I was furious at how easily the bus mom caved to her selfish husband during the couples chat. Those poor girls. Dad is way too selfish. He's gonna regret this. Hopefully someone was watching who can step in and try to save the girls. A local soccer league won't cut it.

    I was hoping they would be on the Good Morning America or Oprah to face the inquiry/wrath of the viewing public. Maybe that would knock some sense into them.

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    Funeral mom was a crack up imo, and I liked her pink hair. She's was "hip" at least. I haven't really seen too many funeral owner's wives, but she seems to be really grounded and cool.
    Her seeing the bus and making all those snarky comments about "people living in them..etc..".. and then when she realized that that's where SHE was going.. PRICELESS!

    The bus mom.. WOW! Talk about being a doormat. The husband has ruled the roost and driven home HIS ideas of a 'fun and safe' life. He needs a good kick in the ass, cause he's harboring his children, almost like fugitives of reality.
    I knew they weren't going to stop traveling in the RV, just by the way they all reacted to having a house, being at school, etc.. Very sad.

    The whole time though, I couldn't get it out of my head about how the authorities might react to seeing the lifestyle of this family. Is there a certain DUTY that Protective Services has to check into this? Or, is this another family that can get away with their dysfunctional family life via a religious/spiritual belief?

    OH, yea.. I'd really like to see how he'd CATCH his wife if she fell down the stairs. Yea, right. Why did he make sure to tell funeral mom that anyway?
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    Bus Dad wants to like another groovy family of the '70s.

    Get outta the bus
    Get into a house
    Get outta the back seat baby
    Get in to a couch
    Beep Beep, yeah

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    I agree with everybody else that Andre is one seriously disturbed and selfish human being. His daughters have to suffer because of his delusional thinking and low IQ --- he didn't even have the intelligence to give ONE logical argument for why his kids should do what he says. Michelle easily showed how his arguments were either selfish or contradictory or he'd just stop talking when she made a good point. How annoying is it when people this stupid get to make other people suffer for their stupidity?!?

    Michelle was great!!! How often does a person who yells a lot make total sense in everything they say! Every point she made was absolutely true and needed to be said to that idiot. If only the idiot's wife had 25% of her backbone! If she did those kids could be having a somewhat normal life instead of riding around the country with the intellectual equivalent of bigfoot (who also hides from society). I didn't even believe in bigfoot until I saw this episode of Wife Swap!

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    It seemed as if Andre was a little spoiled for sure. He wanted to do only what he wanted and not necessarily what his family wanted/needed. I would of thought Michelle with her red hair was more suited for Andre from first glance. They definetly didnt get along. I guess Michelle just spices up Ricks life. Seemed kinda fuddy duddy to me.

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    There was a follow up with the bus family on the 11pm news, since they are from the Fort Lauderdale area.

    They said that the show portrayed Dad as much worse than he really is (yeah right) and that the girls really love travelling in the bus and although they are staying here for now they really want to get back to the bus life and how much they really love it, blah blah. They were saying how they really didn't like the other mom and how she took their saying that they missed their friends, life, etc and made the decision for them (about the house) and didn't even ask them.

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