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That was a most excellent recap!

I have a minor quibble -- I don't think Kris was a Stepford wife. It seems obvious to me that Brian is a Stepford husband!
Yeah, exactly.

Just to be fair, I think there were problems all around the board that need to be addressed.

It's very easy to bust on Kris; while her disipline was admirable (in some coldly calculating way I suppose), she had no respect for people or boundaries. I saw a lot of control practiced, and little love -- made worse by the values she was claiming to represent. (Which is too bad, because I think some of her discipline was very much needed by the other family.)

Her husband was a complete noodle. No joke about "who wears the pants" -- it was sadly obvious. He seemed to not entirely agree with the way his wife did things, but he refused to stand up for what he thought was right and instead just let her do whatever she wanted. A solid husband would have faced her on the issues he thought she was wrong on; he just faded out.

That being said, I would sum up Nicki in two words: "Spoiled Brat." She was distasteful and irresponsible, and she used Kristina to avoid whatever responsibility she could. She acted like a 12-year-old most of the time.

Kristina was very loving -- that part of her was admirable -- but she was also an enabler because she didn't know how to draw lines for herself. She did whatever people wanted her to do, that would make them feel good. Her level of giving was actually destructive in some ways because it did not challenge Nicki (and others) to grow.

So let's be honest here, about all four of them being weak in some ways. Good article, thank you for writing it, but I personally think the thread's title is a bit politically conventional and lop-sided.

Note: If I had to spend time with one of them, I'd pick Kristina simply because the others were either too irritating or spineless. I think she is the most mature of the four, and open to growth.