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Thread: 2/9 recap: "The Right-Wing Bigot versus the Nice Lesbians"

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    Crabby by nature Lucy van Pelt's Avatar
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    That was a most excellent recap!

    I have a minor quibble -- I don't think Kris was a Stepford wife. It seems obvious to me that Brian is a Stepford husband!

    And one little addition that tickled me. When Nikki said she was going to put $20 in the "cusswords" jar, Lizzie asked if SHE could have the money! I wonder who DID get it? Maybe Kris spent it on Princess Day?

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    FORT Fogey lambikins's Avatar
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    Oh, Lucy, you know how long I've been waiting for your review! I would have to copy and paste your entire recap to highlight the funny's that you wrote. God, You're Brilliant!

    And to all the pundits and wits who wrote out their Most Excellent Posts, I enjoyed those, too!

    I'd love Kris G. to watch DOGMA; I wonder what she'd say about that!
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    Wonderful recap It was very difficult show to watch, I wish I had just read this instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Kris says it’s a very “discriminating environment” because Kristina and Nicki are “preferring” their own lifestyle – doesn’t everyone?
    Yes, but Kris thinks the only correct lifestyle is the one she lives. :rolleyes

    This woman makes us normal conservative Christians look bad, and on behalf of the rest of us....I apologize for this witch. :phhht
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Wonderful recap of a show I found painful to watch. I love that Kris is blaming the editing.

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    Yay, Lucy! Great job on a recap that must have been as difficult to write as it was to watch the show.

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    Wonderful recap....captured my opinions totally!
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    Your recap was snarky, pithy, and much better than the show...as usual Lucy. Thanks for the great job you do!

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    ""Let me tell you now, open-minded and tolerant people everywhere – Kris is the kind of bigot you need to be scared of. Don’t be worried about the ignorant bigots; it’s the smart, articulate ones who are dangerous. ""

    Lucy - this was the best quote in the entire recap! Yes, I loved the snarky, funny quips you did so well but this is serious and yes, it is oh so true.

    Those smart bigots are the voting kind and look what is happening since November! Thank you!

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    Great job, Lucy! You did a wonderful job. I'm so sorry you had to see me eat a cheeseburger that one time. I never realized how depraved that was. Great job!
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