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Thread: 1/19 Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

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    Ma Fontaine may be a clutterbug, but Ellen is something worse. Unforgiveably and insufferably rude. She thinks she's such a wonderbroad, but if she was half the class act she thinks she is, she would never have even considered speaking like that to another person on national TV or even in private. What arrogance!

    I would much rather be around the Fontaines, though I agree there is a problem there.

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    I'm with Bill the Bully. I hate paper plates, and especially the cheap ass kind she wants to use. Wash some dishes.

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    A thousand bucks on plates? She has FOUR kids. Make them wash REAL PLATES.

    I can't believe 6 people share one bathroom -that's ridiculous.

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    Does anyone know when the episode with the gay guy who swaps wives is going to be on?

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    I thought that the "rich" gal was so rude to Donna. She could have made her point that the house was far too cluttered, without sounding like such a b---.

    I think that they just didn't use the second shower, but probably used the toilet in the 2nd bathroom? I don't imagine that she stored toilet paper IN the toilet, lol. Still, you'd think you'd want 2 showers for six people. What was up with the kid saying, yeah he had used the shower and it hurt? I didn't get that.

    I'd hate to eat on cheap paper plates every night. How hard is it to load dishes into a dishwasher?!

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    Ok, I must chime in....

    I liked Bill...he seemed like a "no-nonsense" kinda guy and he actually was open to learning something. I was so happy for him and Chloe when they finally sat down and "talked" to eachother. Good for them! I identified with his wife more because I am also a neat freak. I like my house CLEAN, and everything has a place that it goes in....I'm not against buying in bulk, but HOLY COW who needs THAT much toilet paper? I'd NEVER store ANYTHING in a room and make it totaly useless especially with 4 kids in the house! I WISH I had the money for a maid, but do fine keeping it all done myself.

    The two parts that totaly killed were the paperplate part and the cooking part. I couldn't believe Donna actually was a "stay at home Mom" and couldn't freakin cook!!! Then, when she started tearing the paper plates I would've just walked away! That was nutts!

    From my own "reality" experience, I do know that what the other Mom said to Donna may not have been meant exactly how it was said at the Table Meeting....but it did look pretty rude.

    Oh, and I found some SERIOUS errors in the math that Bill used....for 50 paper plates it costs around $2.49. If she were to use 6 plates, 3 meals a day for a year it would cost her $328.50 (figuring about $.05 a plate, 6 plates, 3 meals a day or $.90 a day total) NOT $1000.00....unless they were using some SERIOUSLY expensive plates!

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    Why would the Fontaine family use the bathroom shower stall for storage purposes In a house of 4 kids, wouldn't an extra bathroom come in handy! The house was so cluttered it must be hard to breathe in there, health-wise...not a good thing. I also thought Donna was a bit on the wierd side, just because something is on sale you don't need to buy a houseful of that product, and what was up with the paper plates?

    The other family, was on the cold side....I've never seen rooms so unlived in!!

    I do hope the other family has learnt about spending more time together, and the Fontaine family has cleared up some of that clutter!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    I hope Donna doesnt forget the cover page for her TPS reports at her new job.
    Didn't she get the memo?

    I still haven't read through all the posts here. Just watched the show this morning and had to quickly remark about the TPS reports, because that's become a family favorite quote from Office Space, Karen14. Thanks for the big laugh!

    I had to say quickly that I adored Chloe. What a beautiful girl inside and out. Her parents should realize what a true blessing that child is. Smart, sweet, beautiful, mature, thoughtful, respectful .... all that came across very strongly during the show. What a kid! I hope her parents can "spare" some of their "precious" money-hungry time to spend with this amazing girl. She deserves nothing less. That house needed family pictures, flowers, plants, decorations, something!

    Donna's a bit nuts, though I do hear what she's trying to express, but she seems a bit unstable and very fragile. Her kids are good kids, though, and I liked her husband. No way could I have spent even an hour, though, in that disgusting house! Blech! And I'm sad to hear she stubbornly resisted any amount of change, too. That's too bad.
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    That packrat mom makes me so sick that I am going to spend today cleaning out and throwing away all the junk and trash I don't need. I'm sick of it and I've had enough. I don't need to keep all this shit.

    Here is a web site about cluttering:

    It says that there are things like ADD, OCD, depression, and other mental illnesses and psychological problems involved in being a clutterer. It says they are disorganized at work and are stressed out by structured work environments. That's the real reason she doesn't work, not the kids. Apparently being a packrat is associated with a whole LOT of serious disfunctional problems, not only having a cluttered home.

    The site also says that hoarders are different from clutterers and are less than 1% of the population, whereas 30% are clutterers to some degree. Hoarders can't differentiate what is useful and what isn't, and therefore keep things such as garbage and soiled items.

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    And by the way, I just love the smell of someone else's poop when I go into a bathroom.

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