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Thread: 1/19 Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigel-bigel
    Interesting, and you're right, I'm not familiar with those copyright protections, especially since copyrights apply to written works and not pieces of furniture...

    Several members of my husbands family work in the TV and film industry, and his sister has done a lot of set design. She has never had to get releases for any props she was using on a set. Granted, most of her work her work has been for commercials and she has never worked on a "reality show" per se. However, I'm surprised it would matter if an item was being shown on a commercial or an actual show, both are being broadcast, right?

    For that matter, how in the world would someone like Donna get releases for all of the crap she has? It would be impossible.

    No, if I had to guess I'd say Ellen's house looks the way it does because she is concerned first and foremost with impressing people. She doesn't let her house reveal anything personal because there is something about her that she really doesn't like, and that just might hinder her ability to impress.

    Further, it is just important for her to impress herself. She is able to relax at the end of the day, look around her house, and think, "Look at how expensive and tasteful my house looks. No one would ever know that I (fill in the blank)."

    But hey, I'm not shrink! I'm just a designer. What do I know?

    Actually, there is one thing I do know. I know what people want their homes to convey. Every time I meet with a new residential client they tell me they want their home to feel "open yet warm, and to reflect my personality."

    No one has ever said they wanted their home to look like no one lived there.
    I know the copyright thing is "odd"...that was my EXACT reaction to it. I'm just telling you from "personal" experience that's what happens. No, Donna wouldn't have had to get the "clearances" herself but someone in production is responsible for doing that....mostly refering to pictures, art, figurines, pictures of people, etc....as for furniture and toys....they can tape over the "brand name" if it shows in plain view. Pay attention to the next episode you watch of a reality TV show....you'll see tape across all kinds of product names...especially in the kitchen over food and drink labels.

    I'm also not saying you're wrong about Ellen's house...I'm just pointing out a possibility that it may not necessarily show on TV what it truly looks like on a day to day basis.

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    Earlier in this thread (I think) there was the link to read the actual manuals that the moms left, I didn't have time to read Ellen's, but I couldn't wait to dig into Donna's. She takes a 90 minute nap after the kids are off to school!! I think that time could be best used to clean the house. She also says that she only microwaves dinner for the kids during the week, but that some of those microwave meals are leftovers from 'double meals' that her husband cooks on the weekend on his days off.
    It sounds as though Donna's husband is offering the kids a balance to Donna's compulsiveness and laziness.
    Just a thought.
    This was a very disturbing show, and I agree with most people in here that have said the Chloe deservedly seems to have benefitted the most.

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