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Thread: 12/22 Episode Discussion **Spoilers**

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    12/22 Episode Discussion **Spoilers**

    Better late than never.

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread only, until at least 1:00 A.M. Eastern.

    Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    I caught the last 30 minutes of this because I completely forgot about it, but was anyone else rolling their eyes at Bambi's "I hate you!"

    Erm... pyschotic much?

    Also, Ian is only 16?!?! Wow! I thought he was like, 18-19. He's kinda cute.

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    ref guy
    I can't believe that she would get rid of the pets. I thought that was not right. 10 pm was way to early for teenagers to bed. 11 at least. I could not deal with that kind of ridged schedule. I'm glad she kept the cat.

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    I have no respect for the uptight mother. Very disrespectful and she lacks major tact. Whether the the other family's house smelled bad or not, she could've kept that too herself. She has some gall thinking that somehow she is the ideal parent and should tell other parents how to parent.
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    I tend to disagree

    I understand how a family can love thier animals/pets, but those animals were out of control.. Feces on the floor and on the walls, it was just not a healthy place to live and the husband knew it and the kids just did not know better, but once they had a clean orderly house they liked it too. True, Capri, was way to anal, but at least she was open to change and accepted some of what she learned.... Bambi just didn't want to change because it meant that she would have to do some house work for a change..
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    Bambi had no call to say "I hate you" just because her pets were in a kennel for 5 days or so. I suppose that they can never go away on vacation since they can't leave the pets. At any rate, what Bambi did was more permanent. It's harder to get rid of a cat that's in the house already than to get your pets back from the kennel or wherever they were boarded.

    I'm probably more like Bambi than Caprice in terms of housekeeping, but I can still see that at the end it was Caprice that was more open and Bambi more rigid.

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    For a change everyone seemed to adhere to the rules.

    Was I hearing between the lines or did that sound kind of like music to fit a monastary when Bambi was doing her solitary confinement w/hard labor? I found it rather sad when Caprice's son said he preferred Bambi, but outburst at the end aside (which I completely understood), she seemed to bring a little life into a house that surely seemed to lack it. I was most happy for the guitar strumming dad, it must have been a highpoint of the last decade or more when Bambi manuvered him into performing before a crowd.

    As far as Caprice is concerned, I didn't mind her either. She seemed a little overwrought about cleanliness from my point of view, but even if she went overboard a bit she brought some balance into her guest families house that I find difficult to object to. I think that it was a good thing for someone to indicate that perhaps the little girl ought to have little girl bedtime hours rather than finally dropping only when total exhaustion had set in. I particularly liked Caprice's on camera effort to get the critters to go outside to make their doggie treats or whatever it was she referred to them as. That was a nice guesture, purchasing the dining room set. I was under the impression that the wives live off the income of the family they are with before, but thats beginning to seem pretty unlikely.

    Does anyone know what sort of budget the show provides them for their chosen antics?

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    Wow, that one family had quite a weird little routine going on. Drinking coffee through straws? Because they have they're teeth whittened? Whoa.
    THis was one eppisode where both families were at the other end of the spectrum but it seems like they benefitted by learning and letting some of the other extreme into their lives.

    The uptight mother seemed to be open to change so it was especially cruel when the other mother told her she hated her. SHe really didn't seem to be that bad of a person.
    I couldn't imagine having 10 kids over for a sleepover & letting them stay up all night. I wonder what the neighbors say about that noise. it was sad seeing that big white fluffy dog in a crate going away for a week but thats probably the only way to get that house clean, getting most of the animals out for awhile.
    It was great the uptight family opened up to a pet and colors and more noise, the kids certainly needed it.
    It was such a disapointment when the lax mom got mad at the ther one during the meeting.
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    After the previous week's feel-good finish, it was disappointing to see the train wreck at the end of this week's episode.

    The list-making mom was way to harsh on the other family and I thought she should have eased up. Even if you think the house is a mess, you don't have to say it to the family and particularly to the other mom. The fact that she did that made me feel a little less disappointed with the "I hate you" remark. Make no mistake, though, that remark was completely uncalled for.

    I actually think the comment about the house and the comment about her not being a parent aren't the ones that elicited that comment. I think it was the removal of the pets that the other mom loves that prompted it.

    You know that the last words exchanged at the end-of-show meeting WEREN'T "I hate you." I'd be curious to see the raw tape of what transpired after that. Heck, when the South Carolina dad of a couple of weeks ago exited abruptly, they showed that.

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    This show was a repeat. Bummer.

    But anyway.. here's MY take on the animal's being removed from the home. Although it may have been harsh of Barbie to say she "hated her".. I can understand the anger and rage.
    I have been a hard-core animal lover my whole life..and trust me, she'd be hearing more than "I hate you" if she removed any of my pets from the home.
    Right now, I have 3 cats and a tarantula. Which is very, veryyy tame for me. Anywho..

    Kizzy: Our oldest cat. She is an avid inside/outside hunter who has a shiat fit if I have to take her to kitchen to eat a can of food if she's not in the mood. Taking her to the vet? Ha! I'd pay someone to do it rather than experience the pain myself. At home, it's her castle...she rules the roost.

    Kudo: Main Coon, shy, very timid and VERY comfortable in our home if it's ONLY us (Zaaam & I) at home. When we have company, he's gone like the wind. He goes under my bed and retreats until our company leaves.. even then, I have to go and drag him out. In which he is still freaking out, scurrying around cuz he's SURE someone is still there. Take him to the vet?! I can do it, but he's a changed cat for a good week or so. He internalizes everything and acts like a stray around our house.

    Kowboy: Loveable lil goof ball. Doesn't mind company, hangs out with us. Taking him to the vet isn't a problem, but he gets so stressed that his anal glands act up. If anyone knows what I'm talking about...you know what I'm talking about.

    Now, imagine some STRANGER and a crew of STRANGERS wrangling them up with neck harnesses and putting them in carriers to go to a STRANGE place.
    :rolleyes Please.
    Animals aren't THINGS, as Barbie said. Half the time they can barely handle the vet visits, let alone being crated up and shipped away for over a week.

    Lil Ms Thang would be picking her teeth up and wishing I'd of just said, "I hate you".
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