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Thread: 12/8 recap: "Pierced Punks and the Puritans Who Pray For Them"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Plated B
    For more of an inside look at The Zany Aguirres from Episode 10:
    How cool is that?
    You know, I find myself "bragging" to co-workers that I have "talked" to Allan... ... no worries, Sir... strictly on a "I know a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend" kind of thing

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    hahaha GO ALLAN! I cannot believe that you actually went on that show. The Scarred & company called us up and told us about it, i didnt believe it for one second..

    haha. this is the funniest thing I have EVER heard of, I hope someone taped it!!

    Katie and Jeremy Pike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter
    ..for some reason I kept thinking of Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie..go figure...

    Anyways..perhaps the producers should introduce Wendy and Bill to the Reimer family from Episode 7. They could all go together and get a group rate for getting that stick removed from their collective asses. :phhht

    Great Recap Lucy!
    Hmmm, I disagree, I think the Reimers would totally not get along with Bill and Wendy. One family had a plan and was living their plan, and clearly sacrificed much for their children. The other family can't wait to get rid of ther kids.

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    Silver Plated B
    Happy Holidays from the Zany Aguirres.

    To see the dysfunction we had this holiday season, click here.

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