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Thread: 12/01 Episode Preview

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    12/01 Episode Preview

    Wednesday, December 1, 10/9c
    Husband Swap! Paiss/Davis Swap
    Next: the husbands hit the road-and the skids-when an environmentalist dad whose family is focused on communal living and saving the planet swaps lives with a hard-living, leather-wearing biker dad with his 'born to be wild' family.

    maybe Lucy can get more info on this. It sounds really interesting and I saw the two hubbies on The View this morning - I think things might have gotten a little heated!
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    Thanks, Duxxy. I've been looking for the full preview, but ABC doesn't seem to have posted it. I'll keep looking, but yeah, it does look interesting.
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    Im already laughing hysterically.
    This espisode is classic after just ten minutes.
    I was thinking of actually relocating to Colorado, but both these families are scaring me.

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