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Thread: 11/17 show discussion thread *spoilers*

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    Kym acted more chauvanistic than Jimmy. I thought Jimmy was a teddy bear (sort of) hiding behind a chauvanist front. Kym was so loud. I agreed with alot of what she said, but she was so loud. When Kym issued her rules (it may have been sooner...I have a bad memory...lol) and then had a talk with Jimmy in the kitchen, she was rude and loud. I remember thinking why is she getting loud when Jimmy is sitting there being calm.

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    I liked this episode. Everyone seemed to have gotten something out of it. But why did Hallmark and Kym hire a housekeeper, and why did he get a job? It seemed like it was working the way it was, and his only problem was with Kyms temper, not his everyday life. And if he wanted a job, why not be an acting teacher, or something else he is skilled in? Now in the other household, things were not working and the swap made them make some changes, which is very nice to see.

    I don't nessecarily want to see people get mad at eachother and butt heads, what I'd like to see are people seing their lives from a different perspective and learning something. And this episode delivered.

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    Hallmark & Kym didn't seem to have any real chemistry, and it looked like he is just using her to support his non-working habit. Like Astrogirl said, he could have had another acting-related job in Texas, which would likely still be flexible enough in case Hollywood called. Acting teacher, community theater director/instructor, local commercials, etc. When he said painting was dangerous--which it could be if one were painting something tall--and then showed him rollering a wall in what appeared to be a house, I had to laugh. And wasn't it ironic that he became a painter, since their bedroom wall was not completely painted? (unless that was some 'treatment' or something.)

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    That's right..I forgot about that weird wall Phonegrrrl. I was SOOoo wondering why it looked the way it did. If it's supposed to look like that, I don't get it.
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