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Thread: Swapped Wife Shares All About Reality TV Show

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    Swapped Wife Shares All About Reality TV Show

    Swapped Wife Shares All About Reality TV Show
    Women Trade Lives For Two Weeks On ABC's Hit Show

    POSTED: 3:22 pm PST November 4, 2004
    UPDATED: 10:03 am PST November 5, 2004

    SAN DIEGO -- "Wife Swap," ABC's new hit reality show, is about two women who swap husbands, children and lives for two weeks.

    Dena Weiner is a wife, mortgage broker, mom and star of the latest episode of "Wife Swap."

    Weiner, from Mission Viego, shared her experience with 10News reporter Geni Cavitt.

    Weiner, a professional fitness competitor, trains with her husband nearly every day. Her sons play just about every sport imaginable.

    In the show, she finds herself with a family from Florida that considers using the remote control exercise and junk food is the only thing on the menu. Weiner's life was basically turned upside down for two weeks -- and it was all caught on tape.

    "The producers and film crew are behind the scenes at all times and they do monitor some of the happy times and the bad times," Weiner said.

    "I did like Jeff. Jeff and I had a lot in common. Jeff is from California, he went to high school and played football here in Orange County and he went to Whittier College," Weiner said about Jeff Smith, the husband in her swapped family.

    But remember, conflict makes for good television.

    "I'm sick of, 'California this and California that.' I grew up in California and I don't need to hear everything about how great that place is. Doesn't she realize people don't like people from California because of that fact?" Smith said during the show.

    People don't get paid to be on "Wife Swap," so why did Weiner do it?

    "I have watched so much reality TV. I wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes. I want to know if it's really reality TV. The answer is yes," Weiner told 10News. "I thought it went by pretty quickly. I enjoyed myself. I had a great time."

    In the meantime, Weiner is training for her next competition and her family is just happy to have her back home.

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    Did anyone see the November 10th episode? "The Wacker" I am so glad the other mom cut the wacker in half!!!! I hope the parents don't bring it back. Their kids are so robotic because the are afraid of their parents. Yes sir, no sir, may I please leave the table, etc etc. They were sad to see the other mom leave because she showed them how kids should live! When their own mother showed up they didn't even run to her or hug her!!! These parents better get a grip.

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