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Thread: I want a Great Aunt Bebe

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    I want a Great Aunt Bebe

    From Audrey's manual:

    "How much do you spend on clothes per month for each family member?
    I spend $250 a month on Maurie's clothes, nails, tanning, hair and make-up - and Great Aunt Bebe spends $800 a month on Maurie's clothes as well.

    I spend $250 a month on Margo's clothes, nails, tanning, hair and make-up - and Great Aunt Bebe spends $800 a month on Margo's clothes as well.

    I spend $50 a month on Mary Jewels' clothes, and I save money on her hair by dyeing it blonde myself - and Great Aunt Bebe spends $800 a month on Mary Jewels' clothes as well.

    I spend $50 a month on Richard's clothes and $50 a month on my clothes.

    So, if you add up it all up in a month, Richard and I spend $100, and the girls spend $2750.

    We don't need to save for their college tuition because Great Aunt Bebe is going to pay for it."


    1050. One-oh-Five-oh. One THOUSAND Fifty.
    Per Girl. For CLOTHES. PER MONTH!!!!!!! :phhht
    I don't think I could live on Central Park West and manage to spend that much money PER GIRL on CLOTHES.

    That's just disgusting and wasteful.
    How about teaching them the value of what they have by making them work in a soup kitchen where a child is happy to get a warm coat for the winter?

    I'm just sickened.

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    shoes? who needs shoes?? barefootdyke's Avatar
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    i don't understand how people can live like that. i work hard for the money i get and it goes to walmart and meijer for clothes ... i can't afford anything more expensive than that.

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    Mixing Old Fashioneds PhoneGrrrl's Avatar
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    Yeah, I checked out the manual too--but I was really disappointed that we never got to see this Great Aunt Bebe. She must be a character!

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    Lucky!! octobergirl's Avatar
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    I read that too, and couldn't believe it. My fist thought WAS that I wish I had a Great Aunt Bebe, but REALLY, that is tooooooooo much. (But, maybe $400 a month? )
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    FORT Fogey just1paul's Avatar
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    Wheres Great Aunt Bebe??

    I wanna be adopted! -- but good point about those girls being spoiled, but does anyone think this is real??
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    Team Choca. Brad who?! Alanna's Avatar
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    Wow!! How old is Aunt Bebe?? This is ridiculous!!! And isn't Mary Jewels only 11 or so?? WTH does she need soo much clothes for??
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