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Thread: 9/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    It seems like Steve just doesn't want to go home - either work, gym or out.
    For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.
    - Virginia Woolf

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    did anyone notice how the rich family 'bribed' their kids with ice cream treats to 'make like a happy family'? I do hope they spend more time with their kids and less time with their Selfs. I also hope the "poor" dad does continue to do more for his wife... This was a very good show... somewhat educational.. WHAT.. wait.. I tuned in for more mindless reality tv.. I want my money back

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    Wow, is all I can say...WOW. The rich dad (Steven) sure seems like a real prize, doesn't he?? What a creep.

    I hope they are spending more time with their kids- especially at that age!!!

    I liked Lynn a lot. I wasn't keen on Brad at first but in the end I think he realized he took his wife for granted.

    Jodi was semi-likable by the end of the show.

    I wouldn't have a CLUE what to do with a $4,000 a week!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    everyone got 'something' out of this BUT the rich dad.... he got the 'misery' of being FORCED to spend more time with his kids.. poor B@stard!!!
    Yep, he just didn't get it. Everyone else seemed likeable, and learned to appreciate each other and their own family. Well, and although ice cream may not be the best thing, it is an improvement in the rich family... It is better than shoving the kids to nannies (four nannies was just incredible) 24/7. Babysteps I guess. All in all it was a good show, I thought.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Rich hubby was a COMPLETE loser :phhht :phhht :phhht

    Poor hubby understood how much his wife actually did, and appreciated it.

    Both wives bonded with the kids, and I think if it wasn't for the kids, Poor Wife would have left - pronto.

    The Park Avenue kids were so happy to spend time with their father, and he just thought it was a burden..those poor kids

    I'm glad 3 out of the 4 got something out of it, cause Rich hubby was still bitching about spending evenings with the kids instead of going out...

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    I started out hating Jodi, but after fifteen minutes, she totally won me over. She seems like a pretty decent lady. Am I the only one who hated Lyn’s husband Brad? His disdain and hatred for Jodi was clearly unwarranted. If I were Jodi, I wouldn’t have chopped the woods nor clean the toilet not when they are two teenage girls in the house. I feel sorry for Lyn. What exactly does Brad and those girls do all day?

    Something tells me it wasn’t Steven’s idea to do the show, because he seemed so unwilling to compromise. When Lyn dismissed the nannies, did he ask if they were going to take the children? Does he even know his daughter’s name? What a jerk!

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    Steve is an absolutely soulless creature. What a waste of space. He has no idea who he is, so he wraps himself in all the external trappings of a "rich" life. He seems to view his wife and children as acquisitions. Loved it when Lynn fired the nannies and Steven asked "are they taking the kids with them?" And he was extremely rude to Lynn. When he took her to dinner and asked her if she thought she'd be moving "up on the food chain" and if she got up at 5:30AM because she has a paper route, I was disgusted. His constant stream of snide put-downs was just foul. He's actually arrogant enough to believe that Lynn doesn't understand that he's ridiculing her.

    Money certainly can't buy class.

    As for Lynn, she was dignity personified. She had the strength to refuse to let Steven define her according to his pathetically insecure and defensive standards.

    At least Jodi showed she has the ability to connect with other human beings. She truly enjoyed the time she spent with Lynn's daughters and, ultimately, the time she spent with Brad. And she actually GOT IT. Wow, I'm not raising my kids!! Revelation.

    Brad was open enough to see that there were changes he could make in order to improve his relationship with Lynn. And he even apologized to Jodi for the way he treated her initially.

    And Steve? Steve learned nothing. He learned that rules weren't made for him and that treating people like dirt is fine and dandy as long as they aren't wealthier than you. What a total, shallow prick.

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    And I'm wondering what the heck Lyn's daughters do around the house? They're certainly old enough to make dinner while their mom is out chopping wood!

    Re Jodi and Steve - people like this don't even understand how empty they are inside. And those poor children. They're going to grow up looking for something to fill the empty spaces. Can we say drugs & alcohol & promiscuity? Put me on the list of those people who cannot understand why Jodi & Steve would even have children in the first place. Just another acquisition.

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    I would have like to see more of the shopping excursion between Lynne and Jodi's best friend, as well as the rest of the dinner conversation. So little was shown other than Steve's paper route comment. Maybe the friends all had more class than Steve and treated Lynne with a little respect.

    Interesting show. I will watch the installment as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGal
    If I were Jodi, I wouldn’t have chopped the woods nor clean the toilet not when they are two teenage girls in the house.
    I agree that in real life the girls and Brad should be doing more. But for the purposes of the show, the moms agree to step into each others shoes for the first week, and do everything the way the other one normally does. I don't think Jodi kept up her end of that bargain.

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