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Thread: 9/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    so the rich couple doesnt eat dinner with their kids... one nanny per each kid. that is sad. i dont mind her spending $4000/week on clothes, but neglecting your kids is unexcusable!!!
    I definately agree. If your going to have kids, you need to take responsibility and pay attention to them.

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    Thanks for the insight into the rich Lambikins.

    Personally I always thought people were hard on Jodie. I think she was simply doing what she knew how to do. If you're raised by nannies, all your friends have nannies, and your husband and parents expect it, that's simply what you do. You may not know any different.

    I also see nothing wrong with hiring someone to clean your house or any other jobs that might need doing. In fact a few decades ago it was normal for middle class people to have help. Only the poor didn't. Why do it yourself if you don't like it and you can hire someone else to do it. You might as well give someone else a job.

    My only problem with Jodie was that she didn't spend time with her kids, and she could have done some volunteer work since she didn't have to cook or clean. Otherwise I see nothing wrong with going for a workout.

    One thing, there are very good public schools out there. NOt all of them are bad. And some kids no matter what background they come from will do well or badly on their own merits.

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    Seraphim 77
    Hi All! I am new to the board and just saw episode 2 of Wife Swap. I like this show better than trading spouses because it is more concise.
    Re Steve Spolansky and his outrageous "food chain" comment. I think because he did not say it with a mean spirit, he cannot see how horrible it was. Many people cannot see their own bias and bigotry because it is not as bad as they could mean to be.
    I kept wondering thru the whole show what the rich couples motivation to be on this show could be but when I read that she had tried to be an actress before marrying Steve I became convinced she was hoping to be discovered.
    I would not trade time away from my spouse as easy as some of these people do, would you?

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