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Thread: 10/06 Show Discussion - Tree Huggers Vs The Hunters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Amy (bawling) "My dogs have to stay inside!!! They're adopted!"
    I think the WORLD is only hoping those dogs are adopted. lol If she actually gave birth to those things........ Actually that would sove some of the mystery.

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    Emily is a total brat and she is not being raised properly..it was actually depressing to see her dad letting her cling to him in protection over the fact that she had to clean up her nasty room for once.. very sad..

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    It's funny that you liked redneck wife because the whole production staff hated her. Unlike Fox's Trading Spouses where you get $50,000 in some form, Wife Swap pays only $5,000 to the family. Aletha made demands of the production company that she be provided during the swap. She conveniently left behind clothes, makeup, medicine so that she would get new items. The crew bent over backwards trying to meet her demands.

    A lot of footage from Arkansas wasn't shown. They took Aletha out to experience a bar in town. There was a dinner party with Jeff and Amy's friends that never aired. It didn't fit into the story that the crew had edited together.

    In my opinion, Aletha was looking for fame. She viewed this opportunity to be something she wasn't. Aletha looked for a job in Arkansas to show that she had initiative unlike Amy. Aletha said she found a job in the mall that paid $10 an hour. Hell if I knew about that job, I would have applied. When they asked the "employer", they said that she wasn't hired and all she asked is that she could help out for the afternoon and all she did was stand in the store. They don't even pay $10 an hour.


    Quote Originally Posted by esmattynd

    Wow, come to think of it, I didn't really like any of them. I liked redneck wife the best though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmattynd
    They were the craziest people I've seen on 'reality' TV. Surely they were playing up for the camera. The wife seemed crazier than hubby, but he looked to be on the verge of tears the majority of the time. "Clean my nasty dirty vase? Waaaaaaaaa" Oh, and P.S., get a haircut - you're 40, not 18. Oh, and double P.S., the U.S. flag is tacky? Perhaps you'd prefer the 'ol USSR flag hanging instead? Oh wait..you probably would. Oh and triple P.S. you look like the designer Edward from Trading Spaces.

    The earth wife. Total nut job. You wonder why none of her family wants to be around her? Uh, yeah, big surprise. I would say she took too much acid in the 60s but she's not that old. I guess she took too much acid the day before filming. I'm not big on guns or the Rebel flag either, but I wouldn't suffer a nervous breakdown immediately upon sight of such objects. She talked to redneck hubby like he was a 5-year old, which upon consideration, was probably about right. However, she's a great example of the "progressive" type of person who would rather spend their entire life in a sheltered liberal college environment than actually get a job, clean a house, raise a child, you know, real life stuff.

    Redneck hubby. Yeah you want to switch wives after meeting earth wife for 20 minutes? She's not even good looking!! She's all buggy eyed with big ole horse gums and her voice is grating! I mean, if they dropped in some hot model, I could almost (but not) understand. But earth wife?? Oh, and why don't you try to drop like uhhh....200 lbs, which would probably help your snoring and maybe even faciliate sleeping with your wife. I would suggest getting a GED, sweating to the oldies, and letting your kids (who seem alright from the brief time they got on TV) teach you monopoly and chutes and ladders instead of you spending all your waking hours single handedly fighting aginst overpopulation of birds, deer, fish, uh anything that moves.

    Redneck wife. Why did you marry redneck hubby? Was he a bigger catch back then? Did he woo you with poetry? Did you entice you with his big city ways, deep philosophical thoughts and sophisticated lifestyle? Or did you just marry the first person you found not related by blood? I can't argue with wanting a clean house - reasonable. A flag outside the house - can't argue with that. Children not interrupting parents - again, reasonable. But maybe, just maaaaaaybe you could cut back on the 150 members of the extended family. I wasn't sure if they were wife's family or husband's family (I'll save the "or both" joke for later), but get rid of them. Put up a fence. Put up a wall. Invite the earth people over for a weekend. Anything to repel the whole clan from coming over.

    Wow, come to think of it, I didn't really like any of them. I liked redneck wife the best though.
    THAT ..... WAS HYSTERICAL!!!! Thanks esmattynd. In two short words .... I agree!

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    It seems as if they are swapping polar opposites. Amy bears a striking resemblance to Mary Kate Tourneau (Seattle teacher who slept with a 12 year old student). There is something seriously wrong with this woman. She is either mentally disturbed or just plain lazy. She doesnít have a job, doesnít take care of her child and equates housework to slavery. I donít know how anyone could live in a house that is only cleaned once a year and where animals are allowed to roam.

    I can find no plausible reason why Aletha would agree to be on this show. She comes across as cold and standoffish. I don't think she smiled once. She could have been a little nicer to Jeff when he brought her the flowers. I am not going to speculate about the state of the Alethia and Glenís marriage, but something is not right there. Every time he went to kiss her, she turned her head.

    I could tolerate Rasta Jeff, he seems cool and mellow. Gee, I wonder what heís been smoking (heh). They didnít show enough of the SC kids for me to form an opinion, but I found Amy, Glen, Aletha and Emily seriously disturbing. Which begs the question, where do they find these people?

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    NYGal, you took the words right out of my mouth:


    If I saw a sit-com scripted like this I would say it's unbelievable and too over-the-top. I have to say this was the funniest thing I've seen on tv in a loooong time. I was literally crying, I was laughing so hard last night......laughing so hard in fact I had to turn the volume up so I could hear what they were saying. Sepia, Qboots, Burntcrow, Anabana, PhoneGrrrl, and Rumpie.....I agree with all you've written.

    I haven't laughed so hard at something on tv in a very long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Unlike Aletha, Amy avoids her extended family,
    Here is Amy's extended family that doesn't want to hang out with her and her husband:

    http://www.ebaumsworld.com/family.html :phhht

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    This was one of the most extreme swaps imaginable. Definitely more interesting than rich/poor. Amy was just a bit too extreme and whiny. I don't like the image that she gave of animal rights activists, but again, I just feel she was an extreme example. Aletha was just a cold hearted woman. There was not an ounce of warmth in that woman. I know I wouldn't want her in bed next to me...I might wake up frigid. I really believe these families were complete opposites and that Amy was "out of control" emotionally and the Aletha was just a "Contol Freak".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nghe
    HAHAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I'm dyin'! That's the funniest website ever, Nghe! Thanks for sharing.

    ....... oh my God! I've never liked how I look, but after seeing that site, I'm a friggin' beauty queen!

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    If ever I was sympathetic towards "Tree Huggers..."

    I am no longer. At least, not sympathetic towards "tree huggers" who stand under a mounted deer head (It is DEAD, honey. It can't HEAR you,) sobbing near hysterics.
    Wait, shall we call them hysterics? I think we shall.
    I am middle of the road myself, and no fan of guns or dead stuffed things, but St. Francis of Assisi? Come ON.
    While I'm wondering, what was with her Confederate Flag hysteria? Is she a descendant of slaves? Seriously, though... I do understand why some people object to it, and I certainly wouldn't hang one in MY window, but to rant and rave and demand it be removed... maybe it's just me, but I thought that smacked of "I need to pick on SOMETHING, and THIS is gonna be IT."
    As for the devil child... I have to imagine her teachers were watching saying to themselves, "Oh THAT explains a LOT."
    This show is a train wreck I can't turn away from. I thought of applying, but I do not think on my worst PMS day I could be so judgemental... well, ok, obviously I can BE judgemental, but not to someone's face in their home. Can't wait to see Princess down on the farm next time. She'll probably put the rest to shame.


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