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Thread: 10/06 Show Discussion - Tree Huggers Vs The Hunters

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantrb
    That little girl should learn some manners.
    Can't say I blame the child, though. Look what is raising her...... or NOT

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    Great episode...very entertaining!!! Definately one of my favorites!!!

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    FORT Fogey sugarlady's Avatar
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    I didn't like either couple on this show. But it is interesting how they continue to pair people with extremely different lifestyles.

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    This episode had me cracking up!!!

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    Glenn was all fryin up bacon and they zoomed in on his gut
    Then I understood why Aletha doesn't sleep in the same bed as him.

    Divorce already Beaver family, damn~ pun intended

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    rabidwatchdog, could you explain a little more to me about the arrogance of displaying an American flag? I'm sure lost on that one.
    Since you seem to know the Arkansas family,you may be a little biased. I know if I came off looking like they did on tv I would be telling every story I could dream up to try and make myself look a little normal.
    Now about the animal/ fish killing thing. In our county the deer population was so vast a couple of years ago that they were starving to death. They were encouraging people to hunt them and donate any unwanted meat to homeless shelters and other groups that cook for people who need a hot meal. My son has many mounted animal heads but the meat itself was eaten.We have no way of knowing what the Carolina family did with their game. Maybe someone who knows them could post here and help us out.

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    I liked Jeff most out of all of these nuts. He didn't agree with the rules , but at least went along with them.

    Redneck Mama - If you love the US so much then why isn't the American flag up in front of your house instead of the confederate one?

    Tree Hugger mama- why did you get way more upset about the dogs outside than the treatment of your daughter , and why do you think it's acceptable to live in dirt and squalor? If you don't work - what else do you have to do?

    I really have no objection to Glenn either except that he needs to spend more time with his kids to counteract his drill sargent wife.

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    I agree with Mudah..

    I fail to see what's "arrogant" about flying an American flag....in America.

    And the rednecks DID have an American flag outside their house. They just also had a Rebel flag.

    And Rump, thanks for appreciating my admittedly severe take on everyone. They sure deserved it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LATAS
    I am no longer. At least, not sympathetic towards "tree huggers" who stand under a mounted deer head (It is DEAD, honey. It can't HEAR you,) sobbing near hysterics.
    Wait, shall we call them hysterics? I think we shall.
    I am middle of the road myself, and no fan of guns or dead stuffed things, but St. Francis of Assisi? Come ON.
    While I'm wondering, what was with her Confederate Flag hysteria? Is she a descendant of slaves? Seriously, though... I do understand why some people object to it, and I certainly wouldn't hang one in MY window, but to rant and rave and demand it be removed... maybe it's just me, but I thought that smacked of "I need to pick on SOMETHING, and THIS is gonna be IT."
    As for the devil child... I have to imagine her teachers were watching saying to themselves, "Oh THAT explains a LOT."
    This show is a train wreck I can't turn away from. I thought of applying, but I do not think on my worst PMS day I could be so judgemental... well, ok, obviously I can BE judgemental, but not to someone's face in their home. Can't wait to see Princess down on the farm next time. She'll probably put the rest to shame.

    I loved this post. I'm glad you're here. The topics are here so that we can throw digs and beat up on the participants of the shows. I love that you want to do that, just not to their faces. That is my sentiment exactly. However, if I ever saw Mrs. Hysterics I might have to suggest that she get a grip. In spite of the slogan "Housework makes you ugly" you just have to bite the bullet and give it a try once a month or so. I can understand her hesitation since she's almost there already. Ugly is knocking on her door as we speak.
    Once again

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    As for the devil child... I have to imagine her teachers were watching saying to themselves, "Oh THAT explains a LOT." -----

    I didn't think about the above statement but sooo funny and so true..

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