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Thread: Wife Swap: Sneak Preview 09/26 @ 10pm ABC

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat

    They even advertised in their teaser that there's "more drama." (Than what? Obviously Trading Spouses but they don't say it.) It makes Trading Spouses seem so understated in comparison. I think what FOX did was sneaky and underhanded, but I was pretty much turned off by Wife Swap.

    Who would ever think that Fox would "take the high road" with reality TV? ... I agree with your points. I only lasted about halfway through the show, when I realized I couldn't watch these two 'characters'.

    When you edit/screen people down to "stereotypes" (or one dimensional), the show becomes less real ... and more like a bad sitcom with bad actors.

    I am not sure if ABC has made a good reality tv show yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxic
    I am not sure if ABC has made a good reality tv show yet.
    They did! It was called The Mole. Then they ruined it and made a couple of celebrity Moles. Then they gave up on The Mole all together and cancelled the show. I miss The Mole.

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    I told myself I wasn't going to watch, but I got sucked into this show, too.

    I was wondering if each spouse gets a budget when they go to the new house? Each of the moms on this episode bought quite a few things for the other house.

    Like most people here, I despised Caprice at the beginning, but appreciated her open-mindedness at the end of the show.

    I teach high school, and I sure recognized the personalities of Bambi's kids in my classroom. I'm sure they'll enjoy their minimum wage jobs in a few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    I'm not good with names, so I'll have to refer to them as "neat mom" and "messy mom", OK?

    I totally loved this show. It sucked me right in. I would be terrified to live in either of those households.

    For the majority of the show, I was liking messy mom and hating neat mom, but that completely changed in the last act. Neat mom really seemed to loosen up. It's great that she kept the cat and now allows her kids to have sleepovers. And I was proud of neat dad for getting up on stage and playing guitar.

    But messy mom's "I hate you" comment was so uncalled for. :nono Another woman spends a week of her life scrubbing dog crap off your walls and the best you can come up with is I hate you? :phhht Good luck getting your kids to ever hold down a steady job with the lack of structure you've provided.

    I'll be tuning in next week.

    ETA: On Wednesday, "The View" has two of the Wife Swap moms scheduled. I'm not sure if it's these two, or two from a future episode.
    Q, I totally agree with you. I couldn't believe everyone in the family had to suck their coffee/hot chocolate/whatever through a straw so their teeth won't get stained. Caprice's husband was over the top, too, with how his table needs to be set, which bagels he must have for breakfast, sweeping the street. C'mon already!

    But then they both changed. Props to Caprice for scraping doo off the woodwork (even if she had a team of people cleaning with her). This well went beyond what she agreed to do.

    Bambi was more fun, but she definintely wasn't an adult. Even her outburst at the end was that of a child. Her husband was much happier the last week Caprice was there. They had family dinners. A clean house. Scheduled bedtimes. I think the entire family benefited. Too bad Bambi was too immature to see that.

    I had high hopes for the rest of the series but this week's episode, "Backwoods Mom and Penthouse Mom" stunk. Maybe next week will be better.

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    I read this article this week that really reminded me of Bambi and her family. While they aren't this bad yet, legally they may be pet hoarders. The slope from too many pets to actual animal cruelty apparently is a very slippery one.

    A long, yet very fascinating read:
    there is no energy shortage, there is a shortage of imagination

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    Caprice did tell me that she received $5,000 for doing the show. She didn't do it for the money but for an interesting experience. The show paid for the table, the cat and some other things that didn't make it into the show, the participants didn't pay for those things. She had them buy the table because the only table they had in the house would seat 2 people. The dining room was filled with junk which had to be moved out before they could even put the table in.

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    I found both families to be dysfunctional.

    Caprice will deliver little drones into society who won't be able to handle freedom once they have it. You this often with children from ridiciliously strict homes, they are unable to cope with freedom, and they're likely to experiment heavier with new experiences, they do this because they never had a chance to do mild experimentation when they were younger.

    They're also quite likely to do everything behind the backs of their parents, because when they're out there in the world, there is no big brother watching your every move telling you what to do, there are no absurd rules binding you to the house.

    Those are the children who, if they survive puberty and their twenties, are very likely to end up in therapy, because they've never had the experience to enjoy their childhood, they've never known freedom, only strict systems ruled by what is perceived by the adult as a tyrant. When they see that productive members of society can come from a moderate home, jealousy will taint their views on their upbringing.

    There is a time for discipline and a time for fun, and those children feared their parents and they feared to have fun in their house.

    Now the other family was just as dysfunctional. With no boundaries those children won't ever acknowledge structure, as they can't properly work within a structured system.

    I think it's an American thing, quite a symptom of society as a whole. Americans tend to hover from one extreme to the other. It's black or white, win or lose, there seems to be no grey area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cairon
    I found both families to be dysfunctional.

    I think it's an American thing, quite a symptom of society as a whole. Americans tend to hover from one extreme to the other. It's black or white, win or lose, there seems to be no grey area.
    The only thing I find more extreme are cultures which are prone to making judgemental generalizations.

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    i don't know where they keep finding these women that spend their whole day cleaning.

    cuz i want to borrow one for a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke
    i don't know where they keep finding these women that spend their whole day cleaning.

    cuz i want to borrow one for a week.

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