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Thread: Wife Swap: Sneak Preview 09/26 @ 10pm ABC

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    I am slightly obsessive like Caprice and there is no way I could live in that filthy environment of the Pitts. I think both moms taught the other family some lessons. The Pitts household was definitely in need of some structure, and a good cleansing. And the other household needed some color and fun.

    I don't like animals and am an obsessive list maker like Caprice - maybe the 2 go hand-in-hand?

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    I agree cool show. Who would think you need a dining room table to eat pizza?

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    I don't think Caprice is a bad person inside who's completely resistant to change.. I think she's just used to getting things done and being efficient. So she thought she was actually *helping* the other family by telling them their house smelled! I kind of winced when that was her first comment... followed by "your house is the dirtiest I've ever been in".

    I mean, if she had rephrased that or made her points a bit differently, I don't think the couple meeting would've degenerated the way it did.. (ending up with Bambi screaming "I hate you" ). Caprice has her points.. that house *was* too dirty and the parents *were* too lax (i.e. the two year-old not having a bedtime!) But the way she communicated those ideas (sort of smugly) was really off-putting!

    The ending showed that her intentions were good, however. She didn't resist the changes Bambi made simply because she felt insulted by Bambi's comments (i.e... "How dare you!"..."I hate you!"). I was proud that she was able to look past that and accept the positive changes that came about due to the experience. Bambi (and her two boys), otoh.. I think she knew Caprice was half right about her house/family (too messy, too disorderly).. but her pride/laziness got in the way of any substantive change. Instead, she had to defend herself by saying that a more cluttered home is homier... come on: doggie poop in the hallway is not homey! However, the dad seemed to really appreciate having learned how to stand up for himself.

    Cute how Nugget really fits into that family!

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    Bambi's denial of the state of her household and home was just amazing. She needed Caprice to come in to do the dirty work because no one else would be so motivated. Animal poop everywhere, come on!

    It wasn't clear to me exactly what it was that she did all day while her husband works and runs the household. They said she empties the dishwasher ... and plays with the kids. It seems like Dad just has another child because she's not carrying her weight as a partner. Caprice might have been scary in her need to control, but Bambi is simply immature and irresponsible.

    The only thing I liked better about this show over Trading Spouses was that it was over in an hour. Trading Spouses has the $50k twist, but two weeks simply more than is really necessary.

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    Caprice - so anal retentive.

    My heart broke when the son snuck a kitten on his ' list'. These kids are so starved for affection. I'm glad they got to keep the kitten.

    The other house was a ZOO. 25 pets?


    It was a pigsty to begin with, and then add the pets....eeewww

    The TWO YEAR OLD not having a bed time? Come on. Gimme a break.

    Glad the father figured out he could be a parent. There needs to be ONE parent in that house.

    Happy about the dining room table. It was a nice gift to them.

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    Wife Swap

    I would think most would agree having animals loose throughout the house, especially twenty-five of them, has health hazards which could lead to the health department looking seriously at this home. I couldn't believe when this mom defended having this type of home and the lack of structure seen with the kids. No kitchen table to eat on for meals was a real lack of family communications and the father did almost everything in that home after working a full day.

    While the other mother was too obsessive with cleaning, at the couple's first meeting. she herself said that changes would be good while the other mother defending her behavior.

    I didn't see how it ended other then the cat remained in the home. I can't imagine having twenty-five pets return that Monday would be a good thing for this family's home?

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    The Big Booper

    ABC vs Fox Trading Shows

    One thing that drove me nuts with ABC's version is the continuous voice over of the announcer explaining to us poor dolts what was going on. Fox just uses limited captions, no announcer, and lets us see what is going on rather than explaining over and over the action. Much more subtle (from Fox!!)

    In that line, on Fox's Trading Spouses, I am sure that most of the families have picked up something from the other mommy, just human nature.

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    the next show

    Oprah had the couple who will be on this Wednesday night. It was a well off family exchanging wives with a rural farm family. I believe that the snob appeal or comments from the affluent husband hit below the belt and the farm wife was left in tears or feeling pretty low. He apologized on Oprah for his snobby comments or the way he put her down in front of the family and their friends. He offered to cut wood for this farm wife in the future and Oprah said cameras would be there.

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    What a shocker (in a good way). I didn't think Caprice would change. It amazed me that she even let Nugget on her bed. I'm glad the no noise rule went out the window. As for Bambi's household, did they say where she worked if she did? It looked like Ken did the cooking and was working full time, I like Bambi, but it wouldn't hurt her to give the house a thorough cleaning now and then.
    Ludicrous speed!

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    I was pleased to see that both families benefited from the exchange. While her husband and family learned that some structure and boundaries could be a good thing, unfortunately Bambi learned nothing. Except for the dining table, her house went back to the way it was (I'm not a neat freak or animal hater but her home was/is filthy, feces/urine on the floor and walls, ugh ). Caprice learned that she didn't have to be so rigid. Her children had discipline and respected their parents as parents. Just my take on it.
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