I have watched several episodes of Wife Swap and Trading Spouses and I am appalled at how many parents across the country use their children as slaves! They wake them up in the wee hours and make them clean the whole house or have them cleaning barns under the pretext that they are teaching them to be responsible. Bull!! On last nights episode of Wife Swap 11/03/04 the one set of parents had their kids clean everything while they went to the gym. To me life is to short to have these kids up a six a.m. to do chores the the parents should be doing! Don't get me wrong I like a clean house and I do it myself. On ocassion I will ask my 15 year old to help me out with the laundry or the dishes or I will ask my 10 year old to clean up his toys after he is finished playing with them and guess what,I have two of the most responsible, smart, helpful (without me asking) polite kids!!!!!!!! So these parents who figure they must make slaves out of their children in order to make them responsible adults NEED TO WAKE UP!!!!!! Kids of all ages want their parents love, affection, understanding (and to be fed as my 10 year old has always put at the top of his list! ha ha) Anyways kids are meant to have fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!