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Thread: Casting Call: Wife Swap

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    gee, didn't two major league baseball players do this in the late 60s or early 70s and it didn't last either.

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    All I know for sure is that if kids are involved; ;this is a baaaaad idea! Just imagine 15 years from now we will have a panel of 20 somethings on some talk show telling how this show wasted their lives. Yes tim's mom is now my mom and rachel's aunt. Cousin suzie was born after our parents got married and then they swapped back.

    I have a wacky family that did something similar. My uncle on my dad's side was a professor at a college and so was his wife. They met another couple who also were professors. They each had 5 or six kids. The adults ended up swapping and letting the kids decide where they wanted to live. All the kids got along and they lived happily ever after....or did they? We have not kept up with them as their community of bizzaro family was all they really needed to sustain themselves.

    Not A Good Idea Folks!
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    Just reading back here.....
    I guess no one understood that there were SOME things that were NOT going to be "swapped" judging from these posts.
    And in hindsight, I would have agreed with everyone, but this show is a hoot!
    But then I get to watch this at work and there is not much else on........

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    Haha, lol soo funny to read but what peopel thought would be happening on this show vs. what actually does happen. Hehe. And yea I thought the same thing, it's awesome now tho.
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    Wow, how cool! I had no idea this show has been in production for almost two years. Can't wait for a new episode.

    Just watched the crazy animal-lady highlights on The Soup tonight. Just cracks me up when she's got her hands on the deer head and is crying. What a nutjob!

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    ROFL Rumpshaker! Love the name and the mouse icon!!!!

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