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Thread: ABC targets Hagerstown for "The Swap"

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    This show is too much of an invasion of privacy... and come on, think about it... how intimately do you really want you neighbours to know about your day to day 'dirty laundry'??
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    Since this is just a silly tv show, I think the families will treat it like one. I doubt they will take it very seriously, and I don't think they'll be scarred for life.

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    Here in the UK, Wife Swap was one of the biggest hits of 2003 and is surprisingly rewarding television.

    Both families normally get alot out of the experience, and while the arguments and disagreements are there to make the TV show, alot more happens over the two weeks which change the day to day lives of the participants for the better.

    One example is a show which saw the wives of two very different brothers swap. One was a working-class house husband who spend hours with the kids, while the other a business man who would come home and lock himself in his own games room, hardly ever doing anything with the kids. After a week when the house rules changed, he was forced to look after the kids and take them out, and that show gave a pair of kids their father back!

    Another similar scenario happened in a "Husband Swap", where a mother would remain in bed till midday while her hubbie got her kids ready for school etc. The second week saw her forced to do her hubbies chores, and she was rewarded by the feeling of being wanted by her kids, as previously they would always go to her hubbie for love and affection.

    A show I would highly recommend. I know C4 are planning a UK/US Wife Swap between London and New York, while spin off series Boss Swap starts next week.

    Try http://www.channel4.com/wifeswap for more info.

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