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Thread: ABC To Air Wife-Swapping Show

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    ABC To Air Wife-Swapping Show

    LONDON, England (Hollywood Reporter) -- ABC is getting into the wife-swapping business.

    The network has agreed to air a local version of the UK reality series "Wife Swap" for a six-week run next summer, its creator said Wednesday.

    The show, in which women from different social backgrounds switch families for two weeks, has been a hit on the U.K.'s Channel 4, drawing audiences of 5 million.

    In the U.S., the show will be given the less-risque moniker "Trading Moms."

    ABC previously commissioned a pilot show from RDF Media, the show's producer, which declined to provide further details.

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    Has anyone here seen the UK version? If so ... (how do I put this delicately?) ... umm ... how much "swapping" is going on? Are we talking 1970's keys-in-a-fishbowl-party swapping, or is it more of "poor woman lives in a mansion for 2 weeks, rich lady lives in a hellhole"?

    Who are these women who agree to do this, anyway? They really want to be on t.v. that badly? I'd punch my guy right in the nose if he even suggested such a thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmandaG
    "poor woman lives in a mansion for 2 weeks, rich lady lives in a hellhole"?
    Talked to my cousin, who lives in England. She says its more of this type thing. She said that there is implied hanky-panky (you know the Brits) but that it didn't look like anything actually occurred in the episodes she saw. I'd say on this side of the pond, they wouldn't even imply such a thing.

    However, if any of you all have the game show channel, have you seen the old game show "Threes a Crowd"? It was supposed to determine who knew the man better, his wife or his secretary. It was completely sexist (funny now) and they acted like it was a forgone conclusion that the guy was sleeping with the secretary.
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