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Thread: Finale Discussion 3/5/05

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    I got the feeling that Kimberly was the pick from early on ... that's why they arranged to have her back on after being dumped by her competition. I just can't stand that a 'contestant' that had already been eliminated came back and won - especially from someone who had NEVER been up for elimination.
    Horrible ending.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luv2Scrapbook
    I found myself wondering if the judges had been able to see what we saw, would their opinions (especially Candace and Bobby Flay) changed? Bobby Flay made it clear that he chose Kimberly for her likability factor or her "comfortable"ness. I'm sure if he would have seen how underhanded and demeaning she was to the other contestants, he wouldn't have picked her.
    I wondered that myself. What are the judges thinking now after watching it? I highly doubt they would have picked Kimberly as the winner. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say, but I doubt we would, or if they would be honest and say they were duped.

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    There are two things I walked away with after watching this series:

    1. Apparently, to "famous" people, being "the next stylemaker" means that the person is adept at imitating other people's styles. There were several times during the party scene where some of the judges commented on the fact that they liked the brown party because it reminded them of other parties they have attended and they felt comfortable because of that. Yep - imitators are trendsetters! :rolleyes The brown party looked like something Martha Stewart would have thrown together, only Martha would have had great food. Stylemaker=clone, I guess.

    2. I also learned that I should trust my instinct about shows after an episode or two. Instead of hanging in and watching all of the episodes of a poorly-done series in hopes that it will get better at some point, I should jump ship as it sinks further and further into muck. I am mad at myself for wasting hours of my life watching this show. Ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luv2Scrapbook
    TOTALLY!! When they showed her with her party planners, she kept rifling thorugh all of the PICTURES she had in her hands. I was thinking NO FAIR!!! Anyone can go through a bunch of magazines and say "I want that and that and that." Just like mitch said, she's an imitator. He really figured her out.
    Hey now! Kimberly said she has innovative ideas in her head. (I know it's difficult to envision, especially with the ribbon flower trifecta.) But, heck - she's been thinking about ideas for cookbooks!! I am sure that she has been creatively clipping out recipes from magazines and the newspaper for the trendsetting "Lifestyle" recipe book.

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    I hope Martha's new "Apprentice" show will do away with this Survivor style voting.

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    That was rigged. Because they wanted a woman to win. It's simple. But Mitch should have won!! I would watch a Mitch show. Not a Kimberly show. I would read a Mitch magazine..... That ending sucked. Then again, the final two should have been Darlene and Mitch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    That was rigged. Because they wanted a woman to win. It's simple.
    Please let's not go into conspiracy theories based on gender or race.

    beaugeste, thanks for sharing this.

    I was in the final 50 in LA last summer, and can say that the level of integrity that was promised to us never came out in the show. They turned what they promised to be a "clean, talent-driven show" into a reality train crash. There was no validity to the way people were eliminated, and there is no justification for the fact that Kimberly won. She can't shake a stick at the talent that was in LA at the finals...they chose the final cast based on drama-potential. "character-matching", they call it out there. Oh, well...I am truly blessed that I was not chosen as one of the final 12. I would have been so embarassed to have participated in this show. Better luck next time, Eric and Bill....thanks for letting me go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    Then again, the final two should have been Darlene and Mitch!
    I agree wholeheartedly. While I didn't care for Mitch's self-serving, smug egotism, I do think he has more talent and imagination than Kimberly. However, I did like Kimberly's party decor and magazine cover better than Mitch's - I've never been into "minimalism" or "urban loft chic". Her magazine cover, though, did look like a clone of a Martha Stewart Living magazine.

    Overall, I think Darlene was the most qualified with well-rounded and diverse qualifications; but she seemed to get on the others' nerves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    That was rigged. Because they wanted a woman to win. It's simple. But Mitch should have won!!
    Hey, if Son-Of-A-Mitch won then a woman STILL would have won, so that ends that theory!

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    Just tell me one thing - where did they get these people. Sure some of them have a little talent in specialized areas, but by no means are the total package for a prize of the calliber they were awarding.

    They all give event planners, designers a bad name.

    Yes, I agree that Mitch by far had the most talent, but he is a behind the scenes kind of guy, and did terrible on his screen test. Kimberley, while photogenic was did not have a well rounded skill set.

    I'm sure they came up with the name of the show after it was over.

    Neither one endeared themselves to the audience. Who would want to tune in to see them? (ever again)

    I really enjoyed the show however, just majorily dissapointed with the way the justified the ending.

    Hated the judges
    Disliked most of the contestants

    Darlene was really nice and I liked her.

    If I was planning an event or remodeling a room, I would want Darlene and Mitch to help me.

    So sad, it had potential
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