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Thread: Finale Discussion 3/5/05

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    I think that "Mitch" should have gotten it! :phhht
    Well the seemingly clueless judges seemed to favor Mitch, I guess not.....
    Well we all know that:

    - Kimberley who went CHEAP on the food and did not bother to sample what she went with....
    - The terrible lighting and area she was in when she did the unveiling of her magazine cover

    Would have jeopardized her chances seemed to not put a dent....

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    So Mitch makes a speech talking about how his talent is a gift from God and he has the nerve to call Kimberly pretentious? What an ASS. After Darlene was cut, I was rooting for Mitch to win until he kept making all of those comments about how great he is.

    Kimberly is okay. I did like that headboard she made. She's like vanilla ice cream - I like it, but it's rarely memorable.

    Um, was Heather trying to channel Molly Ringwald? What was up with that outfit? Someone needs to tell her what year it is. No one wears bandannas like that unless they're washing their face! She looked like she was in costume.

    I really LOVE Sex and the City (the show - I've never read the book), but Candace Bushnell needs to get over herself. From what I can see, she's a moderately talented writer, wanna be socialite who's past her expiration date.

    Please let there not be a Wickedly Perfect 2!
    Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' - Isaac Asimov

    I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"

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    Mitch Won

    A crude and bald-faced fix was in as of the "surprise return" of the losers, and thus of the needle-nosed, idea-free Kimberly. Talent takes a holiday.

    Clarity of this fix did not have to await us overhearing Bushnell, unaware of a camera, spit food out and then later gush praise at the responsible party.

    And surprise swept the land as only the judges seemed not to notice the return of the umpteenth recycled ribbon trick. Do they think no one noticed them not remembering all the earlier ribbonage? Do they really think we are all retarded out there in televisionland?

    CBS' real transgression was the pretense of a talent competition. An earlier poster got it right in suggesting that to produce a straightup, honest reality show CBS should only have cast (in their producers' estimation) telegenic, red-state-ish, non-threatening, non-gay, white-security-mom-friendly contestants, and then given them all lots of big catalogs from which to select and order up some "style" each week.

    That way all serious and conscientious crafters, cooks, decoraters, etc. around the country could have saved their energy and worked on new projects instead of investing time watching what turned out to be an insultingly poorly rigged fake "talent" show.

    The public integrity and reputation of a couple of the judges, and of CBS itself, should never fully recover from this debacle.

    Kimberly may last longer than some may think. Perhaps she can be "manufactured" as a talent with a ghostwritten book, and a show/magazine staffed by talented people. But first she must be coached into reducing her doubtlessly high negative numbers.

    Mitch, the best talent in the show, suffered in the esteem of the producers and some viewers for being driven, competetive, (maybe) gay, and certainly too blue-state-ish.

    But come on. Have you watched Christopher Lowell? He once made a chandelier out of tuna cans: how much more style-free can you get without resorting to ribbonwork again? Yet his shows run and run.

    I would hope to see Martha and Omnimedia pick up some options on Mitch while he is still "famous". The wrong done to him at the end of this series is just a tiny shadowing of the wrongs done to Martha.

    All America waits breathlessly to see federal indictments of the hundreds of people who sold altogether more than 3 million shares of IM-Clone stock on the day Martha sold her 40 thousand.

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    I actually wasn't impressed with either one of them; however, I'm really glad BS artist Mitch did NOT win. Looked to me like most times he was riding on his teammate's work, just overshadowing them by running that big mouth. (for instance the judges never saw anything that Dawn did, but in the 'park' challenge, Dawn pretty much engineered everything; same with Amy and the "living Art" deal.
    So glad I'll never have to see that fake smile/grimace again!
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    hi, queenb. the answer to your email is yes...quite the peach.

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    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of last night's show? I totally forgot to tape it, and could just die.

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    Kimberly's show will be just as big of a train wreck as this whole show. How saddddddd this whole thing has been. I was in the final 50 in LA last summer, and can say that the level of integrity that was promised to us never came out in the show. They turned what they promised to be a "clean, talent-driven show" into a reality train crash. There was no validity to the way people were eliminated, and there is no justification for the fact that Kimberly won. She can't shake a stick at the talent that was in LA at the finals...they chose the final cast based on drama-potential. "character-matching", they call it out there. Oh, well...I am truly blessed that I was not chosen as one of the final 12. I would have been so embarassed to have participated in this show. Better luck next time, Eric and Bill....thanks for letting me go.

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    This show was over for me when Darlene left. She and Denise should have been in the finals, and at the very least the winner should have been someone who did not lose virtually every individual project except the one that got her back in the game. It's all highly suspicious and since I am not an Early Show fan I will not have to watch the farce any more. I would have turned in to see Denise and definitely Darlene. What a disappointment this ended up being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie727
    I'm just watching this show now (end of first hour) -- but did anyone sign up to win the contest? The one where Kimberly will come and cater the dinner party in your house?

    Wasn't she one of the people who couldn't cook??!!
    I wouldn't. People expect *good* food when they come to my house for dinner.

    I was turned off by Mitch's "gift from God" speech. But the man was the one with talent. I think they shafted him because Sears didn't want to be associated with someone who might be gay.

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    I don't doubt that Kimberly's appearance of being an expert on her tv show can be manufactured. It's done with news anchors and other show hosts all the time. Actually coming up with fresh or innovative ideas for viewers? That's what behind-the-scenes consultants are for, I would think.

    I also think, in the end, the judges felt that Kimberly would be easier to work with, to mold into the image they deemed best, etc. Mitch, on the other hand, they probably envisioned as being a prima donna, not taking direction well, insisting on more control over his show and its direction ("for living", heh)--in short, not very biddable.

    About the fix being in: It was ridiculous to allow an eliminated contestant back in all of a sudden; I agree there's something fishy about that.

    But since the judges couldn't guarantee which team would end up with Kimberly and which team would win, how can anyone say it was fixed for Kimberly to get back in the game? I mean, what if Darlene's team had won?

    Of course, it could be that the judges knew, once the eliminees were divided between the two teams, which eliminee on each team would be added back if the team won--regardless of how his/her individual project looked.

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