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Thread: 02-26-05 Show Discussion ***SPOILERS***

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    Thank you... I'm heading there now.


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    Did anyone else notice, in the scenes from next week's episode:
    Dawn is wearing the EXACT same shirt as the "tv host" that they demonstrate their ideas to. Purple v-neck with cap sleeves. Exact same shirt.

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    This whole thing is unbelievable...The fact that buckhead betty (kimberly) is actually back in the game makes me want to vomit. what is the purpose of this show? Eric Shotz and Bill P. have really run this one into the dirt. The possibilities of this show could have pulled them out of the rut that they were in (after the smallest groom-ugh...) They sent the most talented people home before the show even started. This rant doesn't do justice to the anger that I am feeling. Not one person on this show could carry a career in this television genre. I can promise you that the sponsors of the bookdeal and tv show will lose money on the winner. What a mess. Maybe donald trump will do a better job with martha...

    frustrated and bewildered by this train-wreck of a show.

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    I just think that it is funny that both Dawn and Heather fought so hard to keep their "friends" in the compeition and next week they are supposed to compete against each other. Heather's main reason for keeping Amy was that they worked together as a team. I can't stand to watch if Darlene isn't on the show anymore.

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    Bye Darlene

    Yeah. Ding Dong Darlene is gone. She is creative like a special at K-Mart is creative. What is your definition of "inspired?"

    Don't watch anymore. I'll be happy to see what the rest of the players can do. Obviously you must thrive on wild eyed over exagerated facial expressions. Otherwise you would not be fans. Darlene built the meditation studio in record time...but it looked like a lattice electric chair.

    I'm sure she is a lovely woman but she is never going to be a TV star. Not sure any of these other people are either...but at least Mitch's team won again.

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    Darlene should have been gone a long time ago...

    she drove me nuts with her facial emoting, kiss-up attitude, and general icky-ness....oh well, better now than never!

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    I can't believe Darlene got voted out! She had more talent than the rest put together. Someone will see her potential and give her her own show. I can't stand any of the rest of them. Mitch is talented but his attitude is a turn off. Kimberly didn't deserve to be there the first time, and now she gets a second chance! Totally not fair!!! I hope whoever does win, their show flops and is off the air within a month!

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    No really...

    If Darlene is the most talented, maybe this show should be called "Crazy Craft Lady Who Sews." You are welcome to hate Mitch, but he has consistently been the most talented. Even if his attitude is b%%chy, at least he can back it up with some talent. I don't think any of these folks deserve a show and I won't be holding my breath waiting for that...but so far Mitch has proven to be the most talented over and over again. There is a reason why he is still there.

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    Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. Excuse me. It didn't matter because Heather would have sent Darlene home anyway, but why did the already eliminated contestants get to vote. And, why did they vote to eliminate the one person who kept their area from being a total and complete disaster? Bitter much, people?

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    West Coast joining in the groaning and moaning. Surely the WP executive producers and hear our agony......another talented (comparatively speaking to the team mates) bites the dust..... So what she wasn't super talented, she had guts and knew how to make do. She dug her heels in and didn't stop until she had accomplished something. I know her projects weren't high style......but she had tenacity...and what she was lacking in style and taste, she made up in her skills and craftsmanship. She would have quickly developed style in a professional setting. I will miss her
    I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.
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