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Not since the defunct Wheel of Fortune shopping room has their been such an underwhelming reward for a TV contest.

You can tell there are hours of antiquing under the belts of these style mavens, and each one thinks they have the edge.

Later, Darlene speculates privately on someone who can easily act one way and all the while be thinking the opposite. It makes her wonder who that person really is. A used car salesman, Darlene? Or perhaps my boss - of anywhere Iíve ever worked?

Notably missing from their discussions is any mention of a theme, although Mitch figures they could safely call their theme a ďcountry estate sale on the East coast.Ē How thrilling. Anyone want to steal that for their prom?

Why has the music turned ominous all of a sudden? Itís just a cute little end table...or will it spell Kimberlyís doom? *cue dramatic chord*

Kimberly is worried the judges will think she bought the appliques instead of knowing they were sewn by her desperate hands.

We slide further into juvenilia with Heatherís project, bracelets made out of buttons and fishing twine. Yes, itís as stupid as it sounds.
Excellent recap, hep.
So entertaining