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Thread: 2/5 Episode Recap "The Incredible Edible Egg"

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    Thank you so very much for this recap. I missed the show this past Saturday night and was so upset at not knowing what went on. Your recap was just like watching the show!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    With very little debating, Mitch informs Darlene to give up her tiara and faux-fur cape, as she's now an official wood-loving oversized rodent.

    The less useful Beavers(Amy and Heather)

    She threatens to "do what she knows" which can only mean Egg Beaters, frozen waffles, and possibly some turkey bacon.

    Margo can only come up with a chicken noodle soup. God bless can openers!

    Maybe Mitch should dip out some of Margo's soup for Betsy? NO, the dog deserves better than that.

    Kimberly does a happy dance in a far corner as Margo practically runs off to her room in hysterics

    Margo is free to go home and get a refill on some tranquilizers. I'd also recommend a stint at the local Waffle House in order to master the art of egg cookery.

    Nice job, Texie.

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    Awesome recap, Texicana. Loved it!

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    great recap, i find the recap really funny thank you

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