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Thread: 1/20 Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    Reality tv fan
    All of those people must have really been really threatened by Mychael to send her home.....I think that her culinary skills were extraordinary. Definitley the wrong person to send home, she was a HUGE asset to the team ....dumb, IMO

    I did enjoy this episode, and thought the camping idea was interesting. The toilet in the woods thing was funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    Better than killing him before you're about to run into the side of the mountain.
    Well that means you don't have a very good pilot, doesn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlast
    I knew those idiots would vote off Mychael. Pure Jealousy on their parts.
    The Judges loved her cooking and you could see the envy in their eyes every time her food was praised.
    CBS should know better, Now they are going to have to hire one of these
    losers who can't cook to write a book and go on the early show and whatever else they promised them. You should never let the contests vote people off when there is a real job on the line. Imagine the Apprentice if Donald trump let his contestants vote each other off! He might have ended up with Ivana or (shudder) Maria as his apprentice for a whole year.
    I not sure I can watch this show anymore. I don't have anyone left to root for.
    to ALL the above posts regarding WTF in canning Mychael.

    Next week's show is going to be SlaughterHouse #5 at the Beaver Dam and it looks like the Team Artisan's will be wearing their pelts across their belts.

    I know that some here have said that Mychael shouldn't have restricted herself to the cooking, but I also believe THAT was calculated. After the first challenge, when her team found out what an amazing cook she was, they readily accepted her help the second time. But, it was with reserves, because some of the biggest compliments that were given to their team concerned the food, which Mychael was in charge of creating.

    This third time around, when she consistently asked her team mates, "Do ANY of you want to grill the vegetables?" and "Do any of YOU want to help?", it was as if they tacitly had agreed to shove Mychael into the role of Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, thereby eliminating her chance of saying that she participated in any other group projects.

    The problem with this show is that once it's over, the winning contestant does NOT go away, like so many other shows. THIS one will be shoved in our faces, over and over again, in book deals, TV deals and appearances. Yuk! Why would CBS create a show where the most talented and charismatic persons are voted off, so we, the viewers are left with the dregs?!

    Like I said in the Mychael thread, I'll watch next weeks, with my fingers crossed and my salmonella shot in arm, ready to boo the beavers back to the dammed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarKensoul7
    I thought Mychael was much better this week. I still don't know why Craft Beavers lost lol. They got along and lost? Should they argue more than hehe?
    Probably because like me, the judges were mucho disappointed in the crappy duct tape, plain Jane interior of the tent, etc. About the only thing that was actually better was the food, and maybe Tim's deck, but Mitch certainly didn't steer the party onto the deck while he was hogging host duty. I can't wait till next time, since they've gotten rid of Mychael. The Beavers all claim to be great cooks, but hell-o? Heather's brownies didn't seem to go over well at all, and Mitch's idea of fancy party food is deviled eggs. And hey Mitch, it's a crime to waste fresh trout deep frying it... frying is for non-fatty fish, and as Bobby said, anything deep fried has to be piping hot. This kind of tells me something about the cooking skills here. Then again, the Artisans have served too-rare lamb to the judges, and turkey burgers? Healthy, but too dry to be a party food (although ground sirloin, which some of the Artisans suggested, is also kinda dry for burgers) So, I'm waiting to see if anyone remaining on this show can handle the cooking chores! I'd very seriously bet I could kick these loser's collective rears in a cooking competition!
    And please, judges...mention to Mitch what an ASS he is! It's just too bad that his individual projects are actually very nice; I don't care for that being the sole basis for elimination.
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    hi!! I am watching Wickedly Perfect. I was dismayed when Mycheal was eliminated. I considered her the front runner so far. If the purpose is to select a style maven the audience will watch, I think having the contestants eliminate their stongest competition isn't the way to go about it. Will we really tune in to see the girl in the flowered swimming cap weekly? I think not!
    I did think Team Artisan did a better job on this weeks challenge. (except for the food) Their campsite had lots of extras & finishing touches that the CB missed. The bathroom, landscaping, blankets, matching jackets, & stylish living quarters provided a more complete picture IMO. But not being able to light the grill, hamburgers, & potato salad....????? those were definite misses!

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    I think each team member should switch their main job for the week.
    If you were mostly in charge of cooking one week, then you have to do something else next week as your main responsibility for the week in my opion.
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