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Thread: 1/20 Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat

    Mychael's contribution to the team has been essential compared to Miss Duct Tape. I blame the show structure. They should be like Project Runway or countless other shows where the judges call the shots, not the contestants.


    Everyone is definetly letting their competitive, ugly side show. Now, when there's a winner, is the audience actually going to like him/her or will we :phhht at them because of how they got to the top? Well, I guess that's why they named the show "wickedly perfect." eh. how annoying.

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    I finally got to see the whole show and I have to admit this show is entering the realm of those "Reality Shows I Hate Because The Best People Get Kicked Off The Show Early." As far as I could see at this point, Mychael was the only one qualified to be "Wickedly Perfect" and I would have liked to have seen more of her cooking skills. Instead, we will probably get more Mitch who thinks the most important thing is "completion."

    So far, aside from Mychael, we have no indication that ANY of the rest of them can cook!

    Oh well. What a bummer!

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    &*@#*ing JUDGES!! Don't know creativity when they see it!

    man, what a huge-ass BUMMER to see Mychael go!

    She was the only one that had the real potential to be the next Martha! I LOVED her safety kit! It was the most creative of the bunch & it was the only one related to the camping theme.

    Her teammates suck! Especially that bitchy Mitch dude. He's more bitchy than Alexis Carrington & I couldn't believe his lips were quivering after seeing Mychael go...tears of joy, perhaps? And that other guy totally sold her out. Amy--what a creativeless little acorn she is!! Even though, none of the judges liked her bag, they let her through? What the hell does Candace -freakin' Bushnell know about making things---she's a sex columnist writer! Give me a break!

    I just hope the show that Mark Burnett is creating for Martha Stewart has some REAL judges judging, none of this weak players voting off the strong players crapola!

    One last gripe, what's the deal w/ Joan Lunden? I wish they'd chosen a more interesting host! :rolleyes

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    at least darlene's prozac has kicked in....

    [she seems a lot calmer today

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    at least denise is safe

    Good thing she got moved to Team Artisan. I think Mitch would have lobbied to boot Denise tonight.

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    I'm sorry to see Mychel go, but Bobby Flay was right. The winner needs to be adept at pulling together many aspects of an event. Mychel is an excellent chef, but she's a one-trick-pony. Not well rounded at all and based on Bobby's comment and the other judges agreement with it, she still may have been kicked off even if the judges were the ones voting.
    "The Amazing Race 5 is officially over. Next up for Colin: Hell." Entertainment Weekly.

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    After Crafty Beavers lost and Mychael was put up for elimination I could see the writing on the wall it was so obvious that the strongest contender would be eliminated. Part of this was Mychael's own fault. Although I like Mychael's survival kit the judges didn't. As Bobby Flay said you need to be strong in several areas to win and Mychael was very strong in only one. Being strong in several areas has been Darlene's strength as she is disliked enough in her own team that if she did not have strong skills else where she would have been eliminated by now.

    I did like that they evened up the teams and Denise joined the Artisans she seems to respect Darlene and not be as antagonistic toward her as the other teammates. I like that Darlene was going for the details and landscaped the camp. Remember that there are 3 parts to the judging and food is only one. Yes, Artisan has problems there but elsewhere they did very well, as far as hosting and presentation and overall concept.

    I think Mitch is eventually also going to shoot himself in the foot. David Evangelista keeps saying that style and presentation is in the details, ala using duck tape and having it show. Mitch keeps saying it is not in the details but in the overall concept as when he was building the buffet table and being sloppy with the construction and the painting. I notice the details, it speaks volumes in the care and effort and craftsmanship put into any piece of work. Mitch is more about substance and it will bite him in the butt.

    Margo, I don't know if that really was a breakdown, I can see that she is totally frustrated with her team, I can understand that. But at least she is trying to get them to move toward a goal. If you have 48 hours to come up with a concept and menu do so then stick with it. Now all team artisan needs to do is be able to cook and they will win.

    I think Darlene may win this thing but at least she has even sense to keep under the radar. Let the others burn themselves out and she will be one of the remaining one. Tim and Amy and Dawn have no personality, Mitch's ego will get him, who's left. Margo, Darlene, Denise and who else???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata
    Now all team artisan needs to do is be able to cook and they will win.
    Yes, but....you can't just suddenly become a good cook overnight. Especially if you have no taste at all. I have no confidence that the remaining contestants will even be able to pick a decent recipe, much less devise one on their own.

    I just checked out the non-Mychael "recipes" on the web site. They are simply laughable. Amy can't even come up with a good recipe for Gorp or chili. Darlene thinks that candy melts are chocolate and shrimp-stuffed tomatoes are French. Margo's potato salad sounds revolting. Denise makes artificially-flavored, pseudo-martinis of the kind that 23 yr old secretary girls with big hair drink.

    I wonder what the judges will have to say about the food next week....Candace probably never eats, but Bobby Flay will be gagging.

    Sure, Mychael may have only done one thing, but she did it WELL. Most of the others don't seem to do anything at that level.

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    I knew those idiots whould vote off Mychael. Pure Jealousy on their parts.
    The Judges loved her cooking and you could see the envy in their eyes every time her food was praised.
    CBS should know better, Now they are going to have to hire one of these
    losers who can't cook to write a book and go on the early show and whatever else they promised them. You should never let the contests vote people off when there is a real job on the line. Imagine the Appentice if Donald trump let his contestants vote each other off! He might have ended up with Ivana or (shudder) Maria as his appentice for a whole year.
    I not sure I can watch this show anymore. I don't have anyone left to root for.

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    Mychael's project idea wasn't bad, but it didn't follow the rules. Everything was bought (just like the mirror and candle last week). They wanted a creative use of nature's materials. I agree with those that say she only has one great skill. No matter how much she said she was trying to share her kitchen she just couldn't get out of it. I got the impression that she didn't know what else to do outside of the kitchen or her team didn't want her help outside of the kitchen.

    Also, what is so wrong with being "strategic"? It's a game with a prize and you're supposed to play to win. Those people who don't use a strategy are those who feel confident that their individual projects will keep them off the chopping block. Mychael was eliminated because the judges felt her project sucked. They didn't know who did the projects when the selected them.

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