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Thread: 1/13 Show Discussion* SPOILERS*

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    I agree Luv2Scrap. The only two people that stand out, imo, are Mychael and Mitch. They both are very creative in their own ways. But I think that team would be slowing falling part if Mychael wasn't part of it.

    Mychael is a diva, but so is everyone of the other competitors. At least Mychael has the talent to back up her diva attitude. I'm rooting for her.

    Darlene has good ideas, but I don't think her overly dramatic facial expressions, hand movements, and annoying voice are going over too well with her teammates. I know she would've gotten on my nerves the first day, too. Still, there was no reason for Michelle (is that her name?) to hide the flour. She wasn't thinking of the team, so I'm glad she was the one kicked out tonight.

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    OMG!!! Team Artisan didn't keep the champaign cold! And Kimberly kept saying we put it in the freezer, this isn't soda you don't put champaign in the freezer, how can you not know to keep champaign chilled. I really would have kept Michelle even if she did pull that childish incident with the flour. And to serve people meat rare when your not sure, about how they like their meat, even though you are suppose to cook some meats rare, some people don't like raw meat, is another no no.

    Heather has a lot of nerve (IMO) to challenge Mychael and her cooking ability. Didn't the judges say her cheesecake balls were awful? I loved the reaction shot of Mycheal when they said this.

    About the gift bags, IMO no one had a great gift bag idea.

    I was really surprised that Crafty Beavers won, because the judges said they felt a warmth and friendly feeling with the Team Artisan.

    Oh, and advise to anyone who challenges Darlene, don't because you always end up the one leaving.

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    I agree, the candle and mirror idea lacked creativity. You can get both of those things at a dollar store. They're junk items for packrats. Unless there's something special about them, I couldn't imagine anyone wanting them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faithfully
    I was really surprised that Crafty Beavers won, because the judges said they felt a warmth and friendly feeling with the Team Artisan.
    I was surprised too. I know I liked the atmophere a lot better at the Team Artisan;s party. But I think Mychael's food creations, and Mitch's table presentation is what won the judges over.

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    I was just looking at the CBS website to see what they had "How To's" for this week. Tim's gift bag was there and it sounded really creative. We haven't seen much of him, and he *might* be a contender.

    Denise had her gift bag idea posted too, and it was kind of cute.

    Some of these people we really haven't seen much of, like Amy. Who the heck is Amy?

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    I was impressed by Mychael's humbleness in not mentioning that she suggested quail eggs, rather than regular hens eggs, when Candace pointed that out, especially in contrast to Darlene's manic glee last week when she shouted out how she, unlike the other backward children, had much better ideas. Mitch's table was stunning and dramatic without being over the top, but I hate that down home reverse snobbery, moonshine ramble, wipe the grease off your lips on your shirt........we know your a Diva dear, stop the act, Meryl. The Joan Lunden look-alike calling Mitch a pansy, even though it's true, was uncalled for. You have to be friends with your pansy friends first before you can get away with calling them that, but obviously, winning the car last week upped HER ego. I wouldn't want to be an enemy of Mitch's, or at least I wouldn't want him to know. Mitch is really threatened by Mychael, he knows she's good, and if Mychael doesn't win this, there is no god. I liked Mychael's gift bag, the painting of the bucket, kept in the Americana them, with the red, white and blue, so she may also be really strong in the craft department as well as the kitchen. Michelle was unfailry eliminated, they loved all 3 of her deserts, and the other woman wrapped up a mirror and candle? Not fair. What was French about the Lobster and Lamb dishes? Mychaels dinner choice of beef and a corn pseudo succotash kept in theme as well, but this week and last week, it's Mychael and Mitch who are leading their teams to victory, so I would not be surprised if it comes down getting the crown and I hope it's Mychael. Mitch is enough of a queen as is.Mychael was also right in not letting the judges or guests know that your tired, even if you are. The worse party I ever went to, the host kept telling everyone before we even sat down for dinner how exhausted they were. HUge Downer. Who was Darlene making gift bags for, Barbara Bush? Darlene get my vote for Wickedly Perfect Queen for 1890, but she is completely in another generation, and I'm not talking someone 45, I mean 125.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kungfuhippie
    I'm pretty sure Mitch switched teams a long time ago if you know what I mean...

    Jeesh, that was FUNNY!!!

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    I knew I didn't like Denise. That squabbling with Mitch last night was boring the crap out of me - looks like they kissed and made up by party time though, seeing how they were cuddled together on the couch underneath a blanky at the end of the party.

    Like someone said earlier, the CB team is seriously delusional if they think they can manage without Mycheal's cooking. I thought her gift bag idea proved she's not just a one-trick pony, as well. #1 contender at this point in the game.

    Is Tim or Amy even on this show? Is this an indication they're going far? The first two boots got plenty of face time.

    And Team Artisan - keeping Dawn over Michelle? Someone remind me what Dawn has contributed to the team, besides the first task's 5-hour shopping trip and that lame-ass gift bag?

    Finally, I'm at the waste of lobster - I cringe every time Darlene appears on the screen, but they really should have let her make the roue. I mean, give the lady a little credit for being older and maybe having done a bit more cooking and entertaining than the young 'uns. Her team members should really put the personal dislike aside and pay a little more attention to her suggestions.
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    I also really like Mychael. She is definitely carrying her team. I also thought her gift bag showed that she does have the ability to branch out to some other skills. I really hope she wins this show! If her team trades her to the other team they will be making one of the biggest mistakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddybear
    I agree, the candle and mirror idea lacked creativity. You can get both of those things at a dollar store. They're junk items for packrats. Unless there's something special about them, I couldn't imagine anyone wanting them.
    Keep in mind that Dawn's big contribution to the dinner was the party favor "toasts" in the wrapped boxes. The judges all loved that idea. Sometimes I wonder how much time they get for the individual projects!

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