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Thread: 1/13 Show Discussion* SPOILERS*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ref guy
    Camping next week. Did anyone see who switched teams?
    It didn't say. Maybe Mychael because they seemed excited. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    At least Dawn didn't lie and jeopardize the team as a whole.
    True, true... That was dumb. I still don't get why she did that. All because she didn't like Darlene's idea??

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    Who's idea was out of season lobster, anyway?

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    That was Michelle's. Though I think Kimberley and Dawn picked them out?

    Anyway, Mitch's table setting and just the overall decor ROCKED. Fresh and vibrant and unifying and really showing some vision. Though between his deviled eggs and Heather's 3rd-grade brownies the Crafty Beavers' totally kidding themselves if they think they can do without Mychael for food. (The eggs were really too big to be amuse-bouches...though I sort of understand what Mitch was trying to go for with the hoosier/down-home retrochic. Michelle's stuffed tomato monstrosities still beat them by a mile in unpalatability, however. And of course the ickle lobsters. And boo on her for sabotaging Darlene's idea. :rolleyes)

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    That was Michelle's idea - that plus spending $1000 on food that wasn't french (and more than half of which was wasted), using shrimp and mayo stuffed tomatoes with a lemon wedge , buying new pots and pans, and lying about the flour. :phhht Nice desserts, but I guess in the end she got her "just desserts", too.

    Good riddance.
    Love many, trust a few, and always paddle your own canoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    I disagree with whoever said that if Mychael was gone, they could go on without her. Whatever.
    Couldn't agree with you more. There is only one somewhat wickedly perfect person there, and IMO that person is Mychael. Her team would be lost without her. I hope she leads her team to consecutive victories until the teams are gone, or they obviously will vote her out the first chance they get. I am just waiting for someone to sabotage her individual project at some point...
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I thought it ironic that at Team Artisan's dinner party, the judges quoted something (the quote-in-a-box thing was cute, btw, though they should've gussied up the box more) by Julia Child, who knew better than anyone what simple and elegant French cuisine was all about and would have been disgraced to see such an inconsistent hodgepodge of food masquerading under the title of "French". Just because you can say its name with the proper accents doesn't mean the dish is gonna taste good, Michelle. :rolleyes

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    What in the heck is that thing Heather has on her head?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I am sorry I have to say this......but these judges are the biggest p***ks. Suck it up and fricken eat it!

    To me it didn't look too raw.

    Regardless of how rare "we" like our lamb - the judges are there to judge and they should complain if they don't like something? They are there to pick everything apart - and my, my, so they ever do that!
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    Last week I thought Darlene was SOOOOOOOOOOO annoying but now I can see how she's frustrated with her team. They're acting so immature and being unnecessarily rude to her. :phhht

    I can't stand it when a Crafty Beaver puts Mychael down. If it wasn't for her, that team wouldn't be winning every week and THEIR butts would be on the chopping block. Their favorite phrase is, "I can do so much better than her." YEAH RIGHT! :rolleyes

    I'm hoping that team Artisan doesn't choose her. If so, I think she'll end up having to carry the whole team. They're all kind of weak IMO. Dawn and the other blonde that almost got voted off last week are so blah. They seem to have no definitive taste or style.

    Was there not a winner chosen this week from the winning team?

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